What’s Your Favorite Christmas Recipe?

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Christmas of 2016, we made a goose.

I remember after having read A Christmas Carol and I kept on hearing them talk about the “Christmas goose,” it felt like it was something I needed. 

And I needed to know what made goose so special. What did it even taste like? Was it different than turkey or chicken?

To be honest, I have this thing where if I’m going to try a new type of meat, I really want it to taste like something I’ve never had before. So when I hear that a family member tried something new (like elk or buffalo), I always ask them, “So what did it taste like?!” 

Normally they’ll just say, “Like chicken.” Or, “Like beef,” and suddenly all the cool mystery of a new flavor to discover is gone.

So getting a goose did sound cool, but I was kind of prepping myself to be disappointed so the letdown wouldn’t be too bad. 

And when I asked my husband if we could go to the store to get one, he took me to Whole Foods and we picked one out together. He was so sweet! 😭 We hardly had any money (we were broke newlyweds), and it was honestly one of the best Christmas gifts he gave me.

Also, it was one of the BEST Christmas dishes I’ve ever had.

I can’t even describe how delicious the goose was! Goose is completely different than turkey or chicken. It’s a bird, but it’s all dark meat which makes it super savory and juicy. Also, my need to discover a new flavor was completely satisfied. It was so so good and I remember early morning the next day being in the kitchen (with my husband) and cutting up pieces of it straight from the fridge. 😂 

So now I need to know, what has been YOUR favorite Christmas dish?

I might just end up sharing it in a new blog post. ❤️ 

PS – Delicious Christmas dinner mains to make your planning easier & homemade Christmas scents to cozy-ify your home.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Christmas Recipe?”

  1. I love the duck for Christmas, it’s one of my favorite dish. I’d say it tastes just like the goose. The savory and juicy dark meat can’t be compared to anything else. You can almost serve it with anything. My parents used to smoke the whole duck and that is pretty tasty also for people that love meat with a smoky taste. Merry Christmas !

  2. Our family favorite side dish is homemade lasagna!!! Red sauce and Alfredo sauce makes it super rich and so yummy!!! And you know… it’s made with lots of chunky mushrooms , lots of cheeses, and sweet and savory meatballs!!!


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