What Are Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

Written by Grace & Silas

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are your personal traditions?

My traditions all throughout growing up remained the same. Predictable, but wonderful.

I have a lot of great memories that come with Thanksgiving; waking up to see the Macy’s parade, eating a hot breakfast, having an awesome Thanksgiving meal, watching Thanksgiving Charlie Brown, and passing out with a food coma.

Then, maybe later on that evening, we’d all grab leftovers and gather around to watch a movie.

I loved it.

But these last few years have been different. 

Since we travel full-time, we usually come home around Christmas time, so Thanksgiving has to be figured out in whatever country we’re living in. And that usually means we’ll go out to eat since our Airbnb kitchen might not have everything we need to cook a full-blown meal.

However, this year is different. Because of the pandemic, we’d rather not travel until there’s a vaccine, so we’re with family. And excited! We’ll be having a lot of people over that I haven’t seen in awhile, I won’t have to cook (ok, I’ll be making some cookies 🤷‍♀️), there will be a roaring fire, a big tree, and lots of fun (obviously).

But, that’s just me. What about you? What are you plans? Feel free to tell me about them as well if you want.

Happy holidays. ♥️ 

PS – Here’s 11 of the best pieces of advice on hosting that I’ve ever read (& personally learned). Also, where’s your favorite place to travel to in the US? And here’s an apple baked oatmeal recipe with caramel sauce for your Thanksgiving breakfast. 🙂


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