9 Hanging Planter Anyone With a Green Thumb Needs to Try

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Hanging plants are a beautiful addition to almost any room. It’s a spectacular way to bring nature into your home, turning an empty space into a comfortable and more welcoming room. And there’s nothing to worry because even if you’re not a green thumb you can still keep them healthy and alive. These plants are low maintenance, just enough sun and occasional watering they’ll bloom. No wonder why it become so trendy nowadays.

So  in keeping with my latest fascination that is hanging plants, here are some hanging planters I’ve found that would be a great addition to any home. They draw the eye and really showcase the beauty of plant. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Macrame Hanger

Found from Hey Lila Hey

If you’re into arts and crafts then you’ll easily find this macrame hanger. Known to be the most used and famous way of hanging plants, it can definitely add accents to your home.

Indoor Trellis

Found from Green DIY

I really love this wall planter idea. It gives you a place to store your plants as well as other things, freeing up floorspace for more important things. It’s also adjustable depending on what size you want, a solution for smaller homes.

Light Bulb Planters

Found from Green Obsessions

If you think that incandescent bulbs are only great in bringing light, think again. These tiny bulbs can actually be used as a hip and stylish planter. I seriously love this idea.

Kokedama Plant Sculpture

Found from These Four Walls Blog

Looking for a new way to show off your plants? Consider the Japanese plant art form called kokedama, which translates out as “moss ball” in English. It’s basically a cool, hip, modern way to show off your plants.

Vintage Hanging Plant Holder

Found from Contemporist

Also you can turn your retro iron planter into a more modern design.  It’s a nice aesthetic to in a bare room. Just make sure that your iron is strong enough to carry your plant before hanging them.

Porcelain Bowl

Find Etsy Link

These white porcelain bowls hang from rope to create simple, modern planters that are large enough for a variety of herbs or smaller plants. I think this one is especially good for kitchens.

Geometric Holder

Found from Tara Hust

I have to admit, this is my favorite from the list. This planter uses brass tubing to create geometric shaped cage for your plant. It is a fascinating way to grow your plants indoors while taking up very little space.

Vibrant Plant Display

Found from Craftionary

Brighten up any room with these vibrant plant displays.  You can have your favorite colors or be creative to customize. This will not only add color but more positive vibe to the room.

Metal Bowl Planters

Found from A Beautiful Mess

Give your old metal bowl new life by using it as a hanging planter! They can look fancy and expensive but at the same time you’re totally recycling them! Win, win!

So whether you’re a veteran green thumb or a newbie gardener, here are definitely some good ideas to get you thinking for your next indoor plant project. Be sure to pick your favorite idea and let me know what you think.

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