22 Brilliant Ways to Make $100 a Day

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22 Brilliant Ways To Make $100 A Day

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It wasn’t long ago that I was working part-time at Trader Joes and my husband Silas was working crazy hours at a soul-sucking, low-paid corporate job.

We needed a way to make some extra money because the car had broken down and we just about scraping through our bill payments.

Fast forward 4 years later and we’re in a totally different place financially. How? The internet, side hustles, and passive income.

Before the internet came along, side hustle ideas were harder to come by, but these days, narrowing down a list to only 40 ways to make $100 a day is pretty hard!

Even if you’re just looking for some quick cash temporarily, I totally believe that making extra money on the side can change your life for the better.

Heres’ how making extra money changed our lives:

  • It helped my husband leave that soul-sucking corporate job.
  • It stopped us scraping by and living paycheck to paycheck.
  • It assisted us in paying off all our debts and reaching financial freedom.
  • It enabled us to dream positively again about our future.
  • It meant we could travel the world full-time while working for ourselves.

We started a blog and never looked back. (For more on this idea click here.)

Check out these other brilliantly simple ways to make $100 a day!

How to Make $100 a Day:

  1. Get Paid to Drive Your Car
  2. Get Paid to Walk
  3. Get Paid to Lose Weight
  4. Get Paid to Pet Sit
  5. Get Paid to Rent out Your Extra Space
  6. Get Paid to Test Websites
  7. Get Paid to Test Search Engine Ranking
  8. Get Paid to Write
  9. Get Paid to Review Music
  10. Get Paid to Share Your Opinion
  11. Get Paid by Taking Surveys
  12. Get Paid to Answer Questions
  13. Get Paid to Proofread
  14. Get Paid for Transcribing
  15. Get Paid to Teach English Online
  16. Get Paid to Teach Online
  17. Get Paid to Work for Amazon or Apple
  18. Get Paid to Be a Virtual Assistant
  19. Get Paid from Online Bookkeeping Jobs
  20. Get Paid to Do Other Remote Jobs
  21. Cash Back Apps
  22. Get Paid by Blogging

1. Get Paid to Drive Your Car

Earn some money back from your car. After all, we all know how much they cost us!

If you own a car then making 100 dollars fast is made pretty simple with all the options you have.

You can drive people places, be a deliveryman, run errands for them in your car—you name it!

Here are your options:


Deliver groceries and run people’s errands for cash.

Earn around $10 per hour as a newbie and $15-$25 once you’re more experienced.

You must be 18 or over, hold a clean driver’s record (i.e. no DUI’s or driving charges), and pass a background check. Once you start driving you must also have car insurance. You are not reimbursed for mileage, gas, or general wear and tear on your vehicle.

Time taken to make $100: 10 hours as a newbie, 7-4 hours when experienced.


Deliver groceries and shop for others.

Earn between $10-$15 per hour (and maybe more via tips.)

You are not reimbursed for mileage, gas, or general wear and tear on your vehicle.

Time taken to make $100: 10 hours at $10, 7 hours at $15.

Tip: A number of people also use Postmates since they feel it has better scheduling and more customers.


If you’re wondering how to make $100 a day FAST, this one is a good option for extroverts.

It’s flexible hours with nearly instant payment (you can cash out a few times per day.)

Cons are that you’ll be probably be working during times most people aren’t, and you’ll also be using your own gas and your car will suffer from wear and tear over time.

If you’re clever about who you decide to pick up and where you drive, you can definitely earn $100 a day as an Uber driver.

Follow this guide here on how to sign up to Uber.

If Uber isn’t your thing (or not available where you are) you can also try checking out Lyft (drivers can receive tips) or Bolt (formerly known as “Taxify”.)

Time taken to make $100: about 6 hours.

Uber Eats

Deliver food to people using your car or bike.

You must be 18 or over (other places state 19 years old) and possess a valid ID.

A word to the wise: with Uber Eats you have to wait for the order to be made, keep the food warm and presentable, get out of your car and wait for the customer to answer their door. Also, you may get complaints if the food is not to their liking.

You won’t earn as much as regular Uber, but Uber Eats is a decent alternative for evenings and weekends.

If you’re outside the US, try delivering with Deliveroo instead.

Time taken to make $100: about 10 hours.

An old-fashioned car parked on the side of the pavement.

2. Get Paid to Walk


While not the quickest way to make $100 on this list, this will help in the long-term.

Instead of just keeping fit with those 10,000 steps per day to keep the calories at bay, why not also see walking as a small but consistent investment?

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you a minuscule amount per step in a currency called “sweatcoin”, which you can then use to exchange for prizes or even real-life money.

3. Get Paid to Lose Weight

Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage lets you place a bet on how much weight you can lose in your timeframe of choice, and by working out and getting fit, you can win a prize of up to $10,000.

Committing money will definitely help you stay motivated to lose weight!

They also offer an affiliate program that pays you $50 for each HealthyWager sign up or $30 for each Team Challenge participant that signs up.

There is a small entry fee.

Time taken to make $100: Depends on your bet.

Tip: If you were put off by the entry fee, StickK is a similar website but does not charge an entry fee.

4. Get Paid to Pet Sit


If you love animals, pet sitting is a great and flexible side hustle to make some extra cash. (It’s not literally sitting on people’s pets…but I probably didn’t need to tell you that.)

As a pet sitter using the Rover app you can offer your clients:

  • Dog/cat boarding
  • Dog daycare
  • Dog walking
  • House sitting

Predominantly a place for dogs, at Rover you can also look after cats, guinea pigs, and a lot more.

You also set your own prices and schedule, so it really is quite practical!

Time taken to make $100: Depends on your rates and what you offer.

A dog with tongue out running on a beach.

5. Get Paid to Rent out Your Extra Space


Rent a spare room in your house by turning it into a nice sleeping space.

With the average Airbnb room bringing in $160.47 per day, this is great way to earn money on the side with little work!

The main effort is making it presentable in the first place and cleaning it once the person leaves. But, apart from that, it’s practically easy money.

Time taken to make $100: about 1 night.


Rent a car space? Why not!

If you live in a busy city then your parking space could be used to earn some extra passive income.

Obviously it will depend on your location as to how in-demand your parking space will be, but it’s worth listing your spare car parking spot as available and seeing what you can earn!

ParqEx will also let you rent out your garage if you sign up to their ACCESS+ program which allows people to open your garage door using an app on their phone.

6. Get Paid to Test Websites


Website designers/owners are always eager to know what people’s first impressions are when they visit a website.

You can get paid around $20 for 20-minutes work testing a website on UserTesting.

You’ll be checking out how the website works and if it’s designed well. You don’t even need a webcam to begin testing sites.

Time taken to make $100: 1 hour for three 20-minute jobs at $20.

7. Get Paid to Test Search Engine Ranking


Top websites like Google need to make sure their search engines are as effective as possible.

Appen search engine evaluators can expect to make between $13-$15 hourly; they also offer lots of small jobs including translation and data entry.

Time taken to make $100: 8 hours at $13, 7 hours at $15.


Online search engine evaluators are needed desperately by websites like iSoftStone that offer work-from-home jobs or jobs in fixed locations worldwide that make sure their search engines are optimized and effective.

Pay is around $11 an hour.

Time taken to make $100: 10 hours at $11.

8. Get Paid to Write


Make money by writing articles and blog posts as a freelance writer.

Earn between $8 to $72 depending on the quality of the writing and experience.

As a writer, you’ll submit pieces to clients who choose to purchase it or make requests for written content.

Articles needed to make $100: 13 at $8, 2 at $72.

Hire Writers

Good for beginners since no membership fee is needed.

Start writing 150-300-word articles as a beginner and get paid $1.85, which raises to $7 as you become more experienced.

$7 for a 150-word article may not sound much, but that’d quickly add up. There’s also the opportunity for writers to receive bonuses from clients.

150-word articles needed to make $100: 55 as a beginner, 15 when experienced.

An old-fashioned typewriter.

9. Get Paid to Review Music

Slice The Pie

If you’re a music lover wondering how to work towards making $100 a day, this tip is for you!

Listen to unreleased new music by unsigned artists and give them your opinion. The more detailed the feedback—specific, constructive, etc.—the more reputation you gain to get paid more.

Each review pays 2¢ to 20¢, but you’ll get paid more as your reputation increases. If you refer a friend, you’ll get paid a small cut of each review they submit. Once you reach $10 you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

A pretty good hobby for those wanting to earn a bit more money on the side. You only need to be 13+ years old to sign up, making it great for students wanting to earn a bit of extra cash.

Reviews needed to make $100: 500 at 20¢.

10. Get Paid to Share Your Opinion


Respondent.io pays you on average $100 per hour to share your opinions by jumping through a few hoops.

After signing up, you apply to give your opinion into specific projects you think are a good fit for yourself. Once reviewed, you’ll be invited to participate in a one-on-one interview for that study/project from a choice of times offered by the researcher.

You don’t need to be a professional. All you need is a PayPal account, a LinkedIn or Facebook profile, and to be over 18 years of age.

Time taken to make $100: 1 hour at $100.

11. Get Paid by Taking Surveys

Survey Junkie

Filling out surveys online won’t earn you $100 in a day but it’s an easy way to earn some extra cash long-term.

Survey Junkie will pay you an average of $1-$3 for surveys that take a few minutes to fill out. You’ll be invited to complete one survey per week.

It has an “Excellent” safety rating on Trustpilot.


Filling out a typical survey on here takes about 10 minutes.

Swagbucks features other ways to earn points (or “swagbucks”) such as playing games or using Swagbucks to shop on sites such as Walmart or Amazon (at no extra cost to you, you’ll earn points on what you end up buying.)

You can even get paid to search the internet using Swagbucks.

It has an “Excellent” safety rating on Trustpilot.

Inbox Dollars

Unlike the other two, Inbox Dollars pays you directly in cash. You get $5 just for signing up and you can also earn money by watching videos.

It has a “Great” safety rating on Trustpilot.

12. Get Paid to Answer Questions


If you like finding information and answering questions I recommend you try Answeree.

You receive 10 points ($0.10 USD) for each question that you answer, and if your answer has the highest number of likes, you can receive additional points ($0.01 USD) per like. You’re able to cash out at $30 USD.

Answers needed to make $100: 1,000.
Likes needed to make $100: 10,000.


The mission at Experts123 is to help people find information and answers. If you have knowledge or expertise in your field, or just certain knowledge of your hobbies and interest, you can get paid for it.

Expect to receive between $10-$20 per article written.

Articles to make $100: 10 at $10 per article, 5 at $20 per article.

A dog with his paw up answering a question.

13. Get Paid to Proofread

Cactus Communications

Start off becoming a proofreader or editor without needing lots of experience or a Ph.D. in English.

Most positions are full-time and provide a modest means of income when in-between jobs.

They also offer telecommute and freelance positions in fields such as marketing, customer service, translations, and more.

Time taken to make $100: Depends on the job.

14. Get Paid for Transcribing


Make transcripts and transcribe audio and earn between $30-$180 per hour with experience, and $20-$160 per hour for the less experienced.

Some of the stipulations include an entrance exam fee of $39 and owning some equipment—details of which can be found on their site.

Time taken to make $100: 5 hours at $20, 1 hour at $160.


Great if you have little experience transcribing.

You’ll be listening to and scoring students performing out-loud reading exercises while transcribing their answers.

You’ll earn from as little to $10 per hour to, at most, $20 per hour.

Time taken to make $100: 10 hours at $10, 5 hours at $20.

15. Get Paid to Teach English Online


If you like teaching and working with kids you can earn between $16-$20 an hour teaching English to children online.

Through QKids, there are opportunities to receive loyalty bonuses and an increase in pay based on performance.

Teachers with QKids can expect to work between 10-20 hours per week and the only requirement for applicants is to have a bachelor’s degree.

Time taken to make $100: 7 hours at $16, 5 hours at $20.


VIPKid boasts a salary of up to $22 per hour for online English tutors. An average salary is around $18 per hour.

You’ll teach Chinese students, earn referral and performance bonuses, and additional work hours and students if you do well.

A bachelor’s degree is required and you’ll be signed up for a 6-month contract which can be renewed.

Time taken to make $100: 6 hours at $18, 5 hours at $22.

16. Get Paid to Teach Online

Don’t want to teach English? Your other experiences and talents may be valuable to others!

Why not create an online course with modules, videos and notes that teach people how to do what you do best?

Here are some general skills/topics that could easily become online courses: photography, cooking, writing, blogging, e-commerce, health, science, math, history, self-help, language learning, art, theology, philosophy…Take your pick!

Here are some websites that can help get you started:


If you have a website, offer courses on it and take control of your branding and pricing while retaining access to your students in one place.

They offer a Free plan, a Basic plan ($29 per month), a Professional plan ($79 per month), and a Business plan ($399 per month.)

You can claim a free spot to their webinar which will teach you how to set up and launch your own course.


If you don’t mind spending more time setting your course up and you prefer more customization as well as zero transaction fees, go with Thinkific instead.

Their plans include a Free plan, a Basic plan ($49 per month), a Pro plan ($99 per month), and a Premier plan ($499 per month.)

An Apple iMac computer on a white desk.

17. Get Paid to Work for Amazon or Apple

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker

Working as an Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker means you can get paid to process photos and videos, perform small data entry tasks, translations, making transcriptions of audios, removing duplicate content from listings, and more.

The average person reports receiving around $6 to $10 per hour.

Time taken to make $100: 17 hours at $6, 10 hours at $10.

Amazon Customer Service Agent

You can work virtually for Amazon as a customer service representative assisting customers with questions, orders, complaints, and more remotely. Some of these virtual positions may require you to be based in certain states.

You can expect to earn around $11 per hour.

Time taken to make $100: 10 hours at $11.

Apple Home Advisor

If you love working with people, are good at listening, troubleshooting, and providing support, you can make extra money providing tech support for Apple with a range between $11-$16 per hour.

Home advisors can look forward to receiving product discounts and career opportunities within the company too.

Time taken to make $100: 10 hours at $11, 7 hours at $16.

18. Get Paid to Be a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant has become an increasingly popular career path to take.

The job isn’t all about answering phone calls—virtual assistants can do all kinds of jobs depending on the role.

Here are a few places to look to get you started:


Startups offer remote virtual assistant jobs posted from start-up companies around the U.S.

Jobs are very varied from highly-paid to your regular virtual assistant position.

Time taken to make $100: Depends on the job.


Posting positions in the U.S., Timeetc looks for virtual assistants at an hourly rate between $11-$16.

They ask for five years of work experience, be based in the U.S., have daytime availability, and that you purchase and maintain Professional Liability Insurance.

Time taken to make $100: 10 hours at $11, 7 hours at $16.


Boldly is a great opportunity to find full-time, long term work as there is scope for some career growth.

They publish positions from the U.S. and the pay ranges between £16-£18 per hour.

Requirements include being able to work at least 4 hours a day during business hours and have at least 7 years of professional experience.

Time taken to make $100: 5 hours at £16, a bit under 5 hours at £18.

19. Get Paid from Online Bookkeeping Jobs

Accounting Department

Work as an accountant or bookkeeper online.

This is an excellent opportunity for accounting professionals who are wondering how to make $100 a day from home (or more.)

Their two requirements is that you have at least three years of bookkeeping experience and reside in the U.S.

Time taken to make $100: Depends on the job.

20. Get Paid to Do Other Remote Jobs

There are many more work-from-home opportunities. Luckily, there are sites like these devoted to finding all kinds of remote work:

A woman pointing on a map on a desk with camera, mug, passport and laptop.

21. Cash Back Apps


While you’re running all those errands on Instacart and DoorDash, cash in on those receipts using Ibotta.

This app allows you to search for rebates on products you purchase in-store or online. They offer a wide variety of stores and, depending on your regional area, can offer local stores too.

You can cash out once you reach $20 to either PayPal, Venmo, or as a gift card. You can also receive referral bonuses if you get your friends to signup.

Checkout 51

Buy groceries, earn cashback with this downloadable app. Simply photograph your receipts once you’ve returned home from shopping.

You can withdraw your earned cash via PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards to your favorite places.

Get Paid by Blogging

Start A Blog Like Chasing Foxes
Starting a blog changed me and my husband’s lives.

Although we’ve not technically included this in our official list above, we had to mention this since we talked in our introduction about how starting a blog changed our lives.

Several years ago, we listened to an interview with blogger Rosemarie Groner who’d started making $5,000 per month within only a few months of blogging.

Realizing we could actually make money from our passion of improving people’s lives, we started hosting a site with Bluehost. (Read this simple guide here for guidance.)

We made a Pinterest account and started joining group boards so the pins we made linking to our site would reach lots of people (more on that step here.)

We ended up making $19,000 in our 8th-month blogging.

Then we learned from this course how to drive more traffic to our site from Google Search. (Our honest review for that course can also be read here.)

Since 2016 this is how we’ve been making our full-time living—by ad revenue from people viewing our site. It’s been hard work and has taken some time, but it’s been totally worth it.

And there’s literally no reason why this couldn’t work for you too. At least starting out as a side hustle, but one day becoming your full-time job! Go for it!

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These are just some ways you can make $100 per day, but there are more. Be creative and figure out what works best for you!

And if you know of other great ways to make $100 a day online or from home, then please let us know in the comments below.

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22 Ways To Make $100 Per Day


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Chasing Foxes was started in 2016 as a way for Grace and her husband, Silas, to start traveling. However, they started to realize that they had a passion for improving themselves, and wanted to help others level up their lives as well. So whether it's with cooking, travel, or staying healthy, they want to help you better your life bit by bit, as they do the same.

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