8 Good & Helpful Habits of People Who Never Gain Weight

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Gosh, it can definitely be hard losing weight AND keeping it off for good. But thankfully, there are plenty of good tips and habits to adopt from people who have done it before.

So check out these super helpful habits that you can take on today!

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Giant packs are a big NO!

People who never gain weight don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks that attract many.

You may be buying two packs of chips for the price of one, but remember that you will also end up eating a LOT more. So make sure to avoid this at all costs!

Stress eating is not a thing.

Eating uncontrollably when you’re sad or happy is not a good habit. People who maintain a healthy weight don’t let their emotions dictate their eating habits.

They try to channel those emotions into either journaling or taking a walk in the park to calm their nerves (or they find something else that works.) Comfort eating is just not a realistic option.

They journal their calorie intake.

Whether it’s through an app or an actual journal, it’s a great idea to keep count of everything you’re eating and the calories you’re taking in so that you don’t overeat throughout the day.

They prefer regular meals over over-sized meals.

Super-sized burgers, fries and, drinks are all a no-go area for them. Instead, they choose something healthier off the menu.

And if it’s a struggle for them, then they just stay away from fast food altogether.

They don’t have a sedentary and desk-bound lifestyle.

Research has shown that most people who are obese and gain weight consistently, are people who spend most of their time sitting.

So if you plan on not gaining weight anymore, then make sure that your lifestyle involves more physical activity (such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.)

Munching isn’t their favorite past time.

I understand that you crave some popcorn and chips while you’re on Netflix, but this is honestly one of the biggest ways to gain weight and never lose any pounds.

They find fun fitness ideas.

Simply and quickly put, they find an exercise routine that they ACTUALLY like. And whether that’s walking, riding a bike, dancing or swimming, it’s up to you to find what works for you.

They prefer cooking at home rather than dining out.

People usually end up at fast-food chains; it’s quick and easy. And if you’re on a mission to avoid excessive weight gain, then cooking your own meals is one of the greatest and easiest ways to do it.

Not only will you be controlling the amount of oil in your food but the spices too. And you can always experiment with new ingredients and different flavors.

Healthy people also have a lot of other habits but these are some simple and easy things that can be done this week. So give them a try!

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  1. I had to have knee surgery when I was a senior in high school years ago and part of my rehabilitation, I started working out with the football team to keep myself in shape. It was there that I learned to hold in my stomach muscles. Now I am 52 years young and i still hold in my stomach muscles therefore my stomach isn’t senile to stretch too much and cause me to gain weight


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