8 Effective Weight Loss Tips You’ve Probably Never Tried

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As the new year carries on, it can be hard for us to keep up with our new weight loss goals. But thankfully there are plenty of tips and tricks that will help you with this.

There’s no need to give up when there’s plenty of help out there. So take a look at our weight loss tips down below and give them a try!

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Downsizing your dinnerware is proven to reduce your food intake. Larger plates always lead to more consumption, unlike smaller plates where you can only eat smaller portions.

Find Ways to Motivate Yourself

Write notes for yourself and place them around your home and workspace to keep reminding yourself of all the reasons why you’re losing weight. This will help you keep your eye on the ball and help you to not stray away from your goals.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Soft drinks are obviously bad, but have you ever wondered how much sugar is in fruit juice?

Well, it’s been shown that calories, that come from sugar in liquid form, maybe one of the worst things in our diets in this modern age. So consume fruits but try to avoid juices as much as you can.

Pre-Plan Snacks

Pre-plan and pack your snacks and put them in places where you’ll need them when hunger strikes (your car, your drawer in your workspace, etc.).

Slice up some fruits and vegetables and put them in the fridge. Nuts and seeds are also a healthy alternative to potato chips.

Journaling Instead of Eating

Let go of the things that bother you! There are many ways to do this but a well-known way is to journal.

Journaling is a great way to reduce stress levels as it allows you to turn to something else other than eating during stressful times.

Make Healthy Food Easily Accessible

Stock your pantry with healthy foods and try to cook meals for yourself as much as you can. But avoid dining out since a recent study revealed that eating out increases your calorie intake by 134 Calories!

There Might Be Something Better than Green Tea

A fermented Chinese brew called, Pu-Erh, is known to reduce triglyceride levels. It might be a good alternative to have in the morning instead of a creamy sugary coffee.

Reward System

Rewarding yourself when achieving small goals is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself motivated and on the right track. Just make sure it’s not calorie related (unless it’s a healthy treat that you really like.)

Incorporate these easy tips in your weight loss regime and maybe one of it is your ticket to the perfect beach body!

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