7 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Decor & Crafts

Written by Grace & Silas

Want to host a St. Patrick’s Day party (or just feeling festive), but maybe you’re not the craftiest person around? Then don’t worry, the below St. Patrick’s Day decorations are so simple and won’t break the bank either. These crafts are friendly for all ages; from kids to college students. So try them out and let us know what you think!

Green Shamrock Balloons

This project is made with four green heart shaped balloons blown up and tied together to perfectly resembles a 4-leaf clover. Add a splash of luck to your get together with this super simple décor. 

Lucky Penny Letters

Papier-mache or wood letters painted a copper color and covered with pennies are a great use for all those pennies in your couch cushions.

Just simply buy pre-made letters, L U C K Y, paint them copper and then cover them with pennies new or old. A great mantel piece decoration for St. Patricks day.

Green Mason Jar Centerpieces

Did you know that you can find color tinted mason jars? I’ve seen both blue and green which are definitely cute enough to make into a fun DIY decoration. For either a bit of spring or a bit of luck, grab the green tinted jars, wrap them with twine and fun ribbons and fill them with some spring flowers.

Leprechaun Belt Cups

These cups are super easy, making them perfect for your St. Patricks Day themed party. All you need are green paper cups wrapped with black ribbon and gold glitter “belt buckles” made from construction paper and crafting glitter.

Pots of Gold

Mini terracotta pots painted black and decorated with gold glitter shamrocks can be filled with Rolo candies or other gold wrapped sweets and used as party gifts or placed around for some delicious decorations.

Paper Leprechaun Hats

These are perfect for a make your own arts and crafts station at a kid’s party or even at an adult’s party. Simple hats made from green construction paper and decorated with markers and, of course, gold glitter can get everyone in the festive mood. Just set up a station with green and black construction paper, scissors, tape, glue, markers and gold glitter.

St. Patty’s Wine Bottle Decorations

There are so many fun crafts using empty wine bottles or other glass bottles. For a St. Pat’s theme, spray paint your bottles with green paint, wrap them with black felt or black ribbons and decorate with gold painted buttons and gold ribbons. Get creative and make each one unique with different sized buttons and gluing ribbon in fun patterns.   

There is so much you can easily do for a St. Patrick’s Day party or some simple decor. So try these ideas out and let us know what you think!


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