7 Cute St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas You Need to Try

Written by Grace & Silas

Instead of going out and spending all your money on drinks and parties, why not plan your own Paddy’s day themed party? And if you are going to host a party, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s the best darn party in town! So here are eight Saint Patrick’s Day party ideas you need to try.

Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee

For those who want a festive drink, but want something non-alcoholic, then definitely serve this delicious hot drink to your guests. There are plenty of non-alcoholic versions of this drink on Pinterest, so definitely check them out!

Hunt the Lucky Charms

Give each player a bowl with Lucky Charms and a spoon (plastic ones are best for this). They have to hold the spoon in there mouth and try to find and retrieve each of the different delicious charms. The player who completes the set in the quickest time wins.   

Play Potato Bowling

Among other things, Ireland is famous for it’s abundance of potatoes and so this fun little game is a great activity for your Saint Paddy’s party. All you have to do is arrange six water bottles into a triangle (the classic 1,2,3 formation) and take turns bowling the potato. Because of its irregular shape it’s a bit more random than normal bowling and a really good laugh!   

Fancy Dress

Unleash your inner leprechaun, shamrock up your face, or simply wrap yourself in an Irish flag. Ok, so the list might not be exactly endless but there is still plenty of ways to have a lot of fun when dressing up for the party. 

DIY Shamrock Balloons

These fun shamrock balloons look great and are straightforward to make. All you need to do is blow up 4 green heart-shaped balloons and tie them together in the shape of a four leaf clover.

Create Your Own Pot of Gold

There’s a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow! But save yourself a lot of time and effort by filling a vase or other such containers full of chocolate money, because we all know that chocolate money can be way more fun.

Party Favors

Speaking of pots of gold, a cute way to give party favors to your guests is to fill up little caldrons (which you can make by painting a terra-cotta pot black) with gold coins or Rolo candies.

Follow these top tips and you’re guaranteed to turn your Saint Patrick’s Day party into an unforgettable experience. Have fun!

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