7 of the Best Places in the US to Vacation this Winter

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Ok, so who wants some winter fun? Who wants snow? And who wants escape? If you’re searching for all of three, then you need to book your tickets to these US locations.

There is so much to do from skiing to snowmobiling; you’re going to have an incredible winter. So check these places out and let us know what you think!

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Ice Climbing in Colorado

It’s definitely an activity for the brave, and if you want fun, then brace yourself as this adventure awaits you. They’re man made ice cliffs where the locals spray spring water down the mountain sides and give you some excellent ice climbing experiences.


Skiing in Jackson Hole

Immense snowfall with a world class level lift network, it’s an ideal place for the skiing lovers. With incredible terrain, cliffs and trees, it really is fun to visit. So if you love these kinds of snow sports, then check this place out! Check out their site here to plan your trip!

Snowmobiling in Yellowstone

Yellowstone national park covered in snow is a mesmerizing experience indeed. If you love warming huts, some peace and quiet, restaurants, and fun, then yes you have to come here. Get a snowmobile, fire it up, and discover the place on your own. 

Ice Fishing In Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

Second largest fresh water lake within the boundaries of US. This lake is teeming with walleye, perch, whitefish, northern pike, and more. It is a wonderful destination to spend your holidays while you have fresh fish, nature, and a warm little hut all to yourself. 

Bobsled in Utah

Utah Olympic Park is your go to place. You can ski and go down one of the former olympic tracks with a professional driver. It also has activities for kids, young adults and YES, some amazing dating spots for adults too. 

City Life Boston, Massachusetts

Want to see the amazing city life with incredible history and friendly neighborhoods with scrumptious food? Well Boston is your city to go to for winter then. Get to see the community with snow all around and Christmas festivities.

Winter Trains in Alaska

You have different ways to travel to Fairbanks from Anchorage, but one of the best is by taking the Aurora Winter Train and getting to see the scenic beauty that resides in the mountains. Have a cup of hot coffee, a typical American breakfast, and travel like a boss. On reaching Fairbanks, there are ice sculptures and northern lights for you to see.

I love fun activities in the winter, and if you do too, then definitely head to one (or more!) of these places and have fun!

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