7 More Incredible Tips for Having a Wedding on a Budget

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Saving money on your wedding doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise having a beautiful and meaningful day. There are lots of ways to save money while still enjoying an amazing wedding that will keep you and your guests happy.

So check out these tips and let us know what you think!


10 Brilliant Ideas for Your Beautiful Budget Wedding

Brunch Time Wedding

Shifting your wedding to a less used time such as brunch or the early afternoon, will help you spend less than you would have if you hosted your wedding during the evening which is the most common time. 

Host at Home

Hosting your ceremony and or reception at home will significantly reduce costs since you won’t have to pay to rent a venue for the evening. You can even host your ceremony at a public park which may have pavilions and enclosed buildings in case the weather decides not to cooperate since you’ll always need a Plan B when hosting outdoors.


Instead of hiring professionals for your wedding (which is of course expensive) ask your friends and family to instead utilize their skills to help. If you have a musically inclined friend, ask them to work as the DJ for the night. Have a crafty friend who loves to make things? Ask them to make the centerpieces instead.

Buy Secondhand

There are numerous websites where you can purchase like new or slightly used wedding décor and other things for a big discount that will help you to save money and your guests will never know the difference!

Giveaways and Competitions

Entering online giveaways and competitions gives you the opportunity to win free wedding bands, dresses, or accessories for your weddings. You may be thinking the chances are slim, but you’ll never know if you don’t try!

Paying Your Dress in Full

Some bridal stores offer discounts for paying for your dress in full instead of financing or using a payment plan. Stores usually offer 5% or more off the total price for paying in full. You will also want to scope out the clearance section in the bridal stores.

Skip the Small Details

Things like programs, bar menus, and even the menus themselves are some things that guests may not even notice are missing and can help you to save money and reduce costs. Even things like wedding favors may not be noticed. 

Whether your wedding is in just a few months or a year from now, I hope these money saving tips for a budget wedding will help you out! Also, let us know how it goes!

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