10 Brilliant Ideas for Your Beautiful Budget Wedding

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You’re going down the checklist; flowers, centerpieces, wedding favors, table and chair covers, etc. But as you’re planning your big day, you look at all of the expenses and think, “I can’t afford this!”

Now saving money on your wedding is not only practical, but allows the focus to be on you, the experiences you’ll be having, and the memories you’ll be making. Not to mention, it’ll save you a headache. So go ahead, try out these budget ideas for your wedding, and let us know how it goes!

Go Antiquing 

A great activity for you and your husband to be! You can find items for centerpieces, décor, signage, and more at your local thrift and antique shop for a lot less than a department store.

Dollar Store Centerpieces

Instead of spending money for expensive centerpieces, you can easily buy vases and glasses at the dollar store for a budget-friendly option. There are plenty of great and easy-to-do ideas on Pinterest that you can try out!

Make Your Own Invitations

Design it yourself though sites like Picmonkey.com or Canva.com or ask a friend who’s a designer to create your invitation design and print them through services like Vistaprint for a budget friendly invitation. I’m sure any designer friends of yours would love the opportunity to help you out.

Build Your Wedding Playlist and Ditch the DJ

Instead of spending a few hundred on a DJ, build your playlist with you and your husband to be’s favorite songs. You can even invite your family to suggest songs.

Centerpiece Wedding Favors

Don’t bother buying additional things to serve as wedding favors, use those custom centerpieces as take home wedding favors! Guests will love the ability to take home a piece of décor (made by you) and keep the memory.

Buy in Bulk!

Work with local farmers, restaurants, and craft supply stores to buy in bulk or wholesale for a better price on flowers, food, and party supplies.

Friends as Photographers

Enlist your friends and family to photograph your special day by hiring them as your wedding photographers.  More likely than not, they will help at a discounted price or for free.

Go Back to School (Kinda)

Well….not really, but by visiting local universities, you can find students who are willing to work for less as a DJ, band, photographer, and more! Not only are you spending less but you’re helping a local student to gain experience.

Use Signage Instead of Programs

Instead of printing pricey programs for guests that list the schedule of events, have a sign at the front door and inside to save money on printing and save paper, too!

If you’re going to have your wedding on a budget, then there are plenty of ideas that can help you out! So try these tips and let us know how your big day goes!

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