6 Tips from Real People Who Lost Weight Quickly

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Losing weight can seem like a challenge sometimes. And keeping motivated in your weight loss journey can also be a problem. So sometimes, it helps to look at real people who have achieved their weight loss goals to remind yourself that it is possible and to keep yourself focused and on track. 

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Find Motivation to Change

“The best advice that I can give is to find a motivation to change.”
– Dr. Kevin Gendreau

Doctor Kevin Gendreau lost 125lbs (in 18 months) by changing his diet and exercise regimes. He did this by reminding himself repeatedly why he was losing weight. Thinking of your reason behind losing weight can go a long way to keeping yourself dedicated to your change, as well as to aid you in persevering through difficult patches. 

Find Something You Love

Jewel Hall lost weight by finding a form of exercise that she enjoyed. Rather than just doing normal workouts, she used her enjoyment of hip-hop step aerobics to trim down by 75lbs.

Think of the Future

Alicia Briggs used to live in the now. But once she started thinking about her future, she realized that things like having children may not be a possibility if she did not lose some serious weight. By thinking ahead, you may find yourself wanting to change even more so that your dreams and goals can become a reality.

Find Your Weaknesses

David Garcia was able to lose weight once he discovered, and monitored his weaknesses. Whether that involves emotional eating, a penchant for binging on loved foods, or a lack of motivation to exercise, discovering where you fall short can help you to not undo any hard work.

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Ingrid Rinck enjoys all the food groups, even when losing weight. She found that to diet successfully, she couldn’t limit what food types she enjoyed. This helped her to keep up with her diet and exercise plan, rather than feeling resentful and binge eating. 

Don’t Overdo It

Meredith Pileggi understands how important it is to stay motivated, but also not to go too far. She knows that you can overdo exercise and dieting, and end up unhealthy. While being overly large is a problem, becoming obsessed with losing more weight can also make you ill if it’s too much.

People who have gone through the process can help you feel better about your journey. So instead of wishing you could afford certain treatments like celebrities may have, you can persevere with hard work and determination, the same way these everyday people have. 

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