6 Foods You Need to Avoid to Banish Belly Fat

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How can I lose belly fat? I bet you’ve probably asked this question yourself many times but didn’t have an answer. Well, shedding belly fat is not as easy as putting it on (obviously), but it isn’t as hard as you think.

And down below are some foods you can avoid to do just that. So check them out!

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Dairy Products

Lactose-intolerance is common but not everyone always knows they have it. It makes your body bloat which gives the impression of fat. So avoid taking in dairy as this will help with digestion and get rid of the bloating.

Processed Foods

No one is denying the fact that processed foods, like doughnuts and muffins, are delicious and convenient, but they’re still not worth compromising your health and weight.

They are rich in preservatives and sugars which will help keep your belly fat around.

Potato Chips

These have loads of sodium which means your body will hold onto water weight (and make you look heavier).

Also, the oils it contains can help contribute to heart disease and increased cholesterol, so make sure to eat it in moderation (and rarely).


Let’s face it, pizza is an all-time favorite food for many, which can be hard to avoid. And unfortunately, it’s made up of unhealthy ingredients like processed meat and flour.

However, you can always bake one at home with less fattening ingredients.

Ready-Made Salads

Salad itself is not unhealthy so don’t be mistaken. However, the pre-packaged salads have a dressing spread which takes away the nutrition. So go for vinegar and/or olive oil if you find the salad too bland.

Ice Cream

You’re probably thinking, how can someone give up on ice cream? Well, for most people, it’s hard to resist. So for your will power’s sake, keep it out of the home.

These are just a few of the many foods that lead to belly fat. So make sure to cut them from your diet so you can start seeing results.

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