12 Genius Dusting Hacks That Will Transform Your Cleaning Routine

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I absolutely love it when my house is clean. It feels good when everything is beautifully organized, dust and dirt free. But the cleaning process is not something I enjoy, especially dusting. It just seems a bit ridiculous, wiping off furniture week in and week out.

However, what’s more ridiculous is how sloppy my house looks with a layer of dust is on everything. So I just have to accept the fact that I have to dust. But these amazing twelve tips come in handy and make the dusting process a little bit more fun and easy.

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An Electric Duster

Found from Instructable

The easiest way to get loose dust off your knickknacks – and anywhere else in your home – is to blow it away with a hair dryer. Use this trick on carved wood work, art work, artificial flowers, bookshelves, lamps, computers, etc.

If you’re dusting something extra dirty like a radiator, hang a damp cloth or damp newspapers on the wall behind it first, then use your hair dryer to blow the dust off it. The dust will stick to the wet surface behind it, and then you can simply throw away the cloth or paper.

Cleaning Vintage Paintings with a Bagel

Found from The Brick House

With what? Yes, you read it right. A piece of bread is the most effective way to clean old paintings. This must be the most outrageous tip ever but it works!

All you need is a slice of doughy white bread (or a bagel cut in half so the squishy white part is exposed). Rub the soft side all over the painting. Make sure not to push hard and be extra gentle. The bread will pick up all the grime like a sponge.

DYI Dusting Slippers

Found from Buzzfeed

This must be the coolest (and the coziest) way to dust ever. All you needs is some slippers, microfiber mat or cloths, fabric scissors, marker, hook-and-loop fastener, needle and thread, and some glue.

For full instructions to make these dusting slippers, watch this quick video.

Repurposed Dryer Sheets

Found from Kiwi Sevices

After you take your laundry out of the dryer, use the fabric softener sheet to give your TV, computer, lamp shades, and baseboards a swipe. It’s static-fighting properties will keep them cleaner for longer.

Pantyhose for Dusting Candles

Found from Real Simple

Pantyhose are perfect for cleaning dusty candles that are otherwise hard to wipe. Just get some old pantyhose and rub them down. Its microfiber is perfect for picking up the dirt without harming your candle.

Coffee Filter as Screen Cleaner

Found from Real Simple

Coffee filters are made of the material that efficiently collects dust, plus it has antistatic properties, which make it perfect for removing dust from your Electronics (TV, computer or smart phone screens) or even your car’s dashboard.

Broom as Long Distance Duster

Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

To dust crown moldings and other hard-to-reach places, put a microfiber rag over the broom’s bristles and secure with a rubber band. No more risky balancing on a wobbly, rickety stool!

Tape as Keyboard Cleaner

Found from Real Simple

Computer keys are prone to getting extra dirty, especially if you have a habit of eating while working or browsing the internet. But with this easy tip, cleaning your keypad is super easy. Simply slide a 2 ½ inch strip of sticky tape between the rows of the keys. The adhesive will remove all the dust and the clues about what you ate for dinner last night, aka crumbs.

Dust Lamp Shades with a Lint Roller

Found from Lemons Lavender and Laundry

Dusty and gross lamp shades are a thing of the past with this easy trick. All you need is a humble lint remover and a few minutes of your time.

Canned Air to clean a Dusty Exhaust Fan

Found from Family Handyman

This little trick will clean your clogged and dusty bathroom grille faster and more effective than vacuuming. So head over to Family Handyman to get the exact instructions.

Tongs to Dust Blinds

Found from One Crazy House

Blinds collect dust like nobody’s business, but they’re super annoying to clean as it’s very time consuming. However, this little hack is super smart, saves a lot of time, and it even got me excited!

All you need is a pair of tongs, two microfiber dust cloths, and four rubber bands.

How to dust light bulbs

Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

When light bulbs get dusty, they become gray and thus emit less light. These hacks will not only make your house cleaner but also brighter!

All you need to do is unscrew the light bulbs and wipe them with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Bonus Tip: Dust First Then Vacuum

Found from Flickr

That way you can vacuum up all the fallen dust. It’s common sense but often easy to forget.

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Dusting is one of the least favorite chores and it can surely be a pain. However, these easy and even fun hacks will make it quicker and easier than ever before.

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