10 Ways Models Lose Weight & Stay in Shape

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When we look at models and celebrities, we may wonder what kind of a diet and exercise program they’re following to stay fit. And so, when it comes to losing weight, we want to know their advice because they’re a reliable source. And what follows is a list of 10 ways models lose weight AND stay in shape. So try them out and let us know what you think!

But first! It’s important to know what your ideal weight is so that you know what to aim for. If you’re an adult, you can use this adult’s BMI calculator here to find out your healthy weight range for your height!

1. They Drink Water Before Meals

You already know how important drinking water is, especially for losing weight. So here’s a tactic from models: drink a half-liter of water before meals to minimize hunger and to help prevent overeating.

2. They Eat High-Protein Foods

Protein not only helps your muscles to build, but it can also keep you satiated for longer. Models include lots of protein-rich foods in their diet; so for example, they don’t skip eating eggs for breakfast.

3. They Eat Clean But Not All the Time

Do you think famous models deprive themselves of junk food? Even top model Gigi Hadid has her cheat days where she can eat whatever she can. So don’t be too harsh on yourself; too strict of a diet may lead to uncontrollable eating sessions after some time.

4. They Eat Organic Food

Miranda Kerr says she always eats organic food because it makes her more energetic. Spinach, avocado, and broccoli are her favorite foods since they’re full of nutrients.

5. They Prefer Pilates

Models like Erin Heatherton owe their body to workouts like pilates because this kind of exercise gives the body great shape. Heatherton also prefers walking over running and says using your butt is more important than your thighs, so make sure you work the right area while you’re doing sports.

6. They Don’t Starve Themselves

Naomi Campbell, one of the greatest models of all time, says she never believes in starving herself. Instead, she prefers clean food to help her body perform better. She starts her day with a cup of hot water with lemon juice to get her metabolism going.

7. They Prefer Quick but Also Healthy Food

Models can also eat quick and easy foods, but that doesn’t mean they eat unhealthily. Behati Prinsloo says she eats many organic foods that are grab-and-go in NY City.

8. They Try Different Sports for Workout

Doutzen Kroes says she used to do boxing a lot to build muscle. Now, she does ballet to make her body long and lean. She also says she used to exercise by sucking in her stomach when she was young. When you’re in a car, for example, always sit up straight; she says it will help give you ab muscles.

9. They Minimize Salty Foods

Lily Aldridge says she stops consuming wine and salty foods a week before the show; it helps her to be in better shape before catwalks.

10. They Drink Herbal Teas

There are many herbal teas good for fat burning and boosting the metabolism, such as green tea. And models like Kendall Jenner also drink special herbal teas to give them energy and keep their bodies in shape.

Losing weight may not be a fast task, but it’s definitely worth it. So give these tips from models a try and let us know how it goes!

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