10 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need to Shop

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Fashion brands new and old are changing their habits to support the environment and reduce their ecological footprint. And with that being said, many sustainable fashion brands are passionate about reducing, reusing, and recycling without compromising style or comfort.

Now this may sound expensive, but don’t sweat it! There are plenty of budget and eco-friendly sustainable fashion brands available both online and in-person.

And here we have compiled a list of sustainable fashion brands to love and support:

H&M Conscious Exclusive

This is one of the first of its kind to recycle not only materials such as polyester and leather, but also beads and sequins which is unique to sustainable fashion.


Now this is a well-known sustainable fashion brand for its philosophy of giving a pair of shoes for each pair purchased. And since their inception, they have expanded to offering ethically made clothing also.


Since 1994, Patagonia has been using organically grown cotton in their clothing and have over 30 years of practicing sustainable and ethical fashion. Their experience in sustainable and ethical fashion has inspired and set a great example for fellow sustainable fashion brands for decades.

Outdoor Voices

If you’re looking for activewear, try Outdoor Voices, whose ethical production of men’s and women’s activewear using recycled materials is worth buying.


Affordable, ethically made, and only online, Everlane offers style and simplicity for men and women looking for classic fashion pieces without having to drop a lot of cash.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney sets the bar high on the luxury fashion end by offering high-end fashion that is vegan AND sustainable. Who says sustainable fashion can’t be luxurious?

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel, like Everlane, is an affordable sustainable fashion brand dedicated to avoiding the use of acid dyes and instead uses low-toxic and low-impacts dyes. You’ll be dyeing to try Alternative Apparel’s products!

Live the Give

Live the Give supports children’s education worldwide by donating $3 of every tee sold to educational institutions around the world. The founder is a teacher who more than understands the importance of supporting education for minors.

Krochet Kids 

Krochet Kids is a non-profit organization that teaches Peruvians and Uruguayans the art of crochet and supports these artists by hiring them to make men’s and women’s apparel.

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans gives your jeans ever lasting life by creating sustainably made jeans with 100% cotton denim that comes with a huge guarantee: FREE repairs for life!

It’s fun to dress fashionably, and what better way to do it than finding some amazing brands for great causes? So try these out and let us know what you think!

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