10 Summer Science Activities for Kids

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Sun’s up and the school’s out!  It’s officially summer!  The kids are excited for some outdoors fun!  And if you’re still looking for fun and educational ways to help keep your kids entertained, then look no more!  I’ve combed the Internet and found some awesome science activities that’ll be perfect for the kids. These are all cheap, easy to do and great to keep your young learners busy. So check them out and let me know what you think!

These are all cheap, easy to do, and great to keep your young learners busy. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Fizzing Bath Dough

Found from Tried and True Blog

A fizzing dough adds fun and excitement to bathtime. Just drop it in the water, then it bubbles away and creates an awesome bath time experience.

Unicorn Snot Slime

Found from Left Brain Craft Brain

I’m pretty sure everybody loves unicorns.  So what better way to surprise the kids than to let them make this beautiful sparkly slime?  They’re sure to love this!

Lemon Volcano

Found from Babble Dabble Do

This lemon experiment is not only cool but it also smells good. Kids are going to love this fun, creative, and colorful science activity!

DIY Crystal Geode Eggs

Found from Sweet Paul Mag

Turn your eggshells into beautiful crystal geodes instead of throwing them out. Simply follow the steps in the link and you’ll have an incredible egg geode you can use to teach them about Earth’s natural wonders.  

Marshmallow Paint

Found from Smart Schoolhouse

Here’s something that your kids would totally love, an edible paint that they can lick off when it gets on their fingers. The texture is smooth and soft, the colors are vibrant, and the pictures your kids create will be fun and adorable.

DIY Rain Cloud

Found from E-how

Sneak a little science in your kid’s summer and try out this easy experiment. You will only be need a jar, shaving cream, water and food coloring. In a little time, you’ll be amazed with the result!

Erupting Rainbow

Found from She Knows

In this science fair project, your kids will learn the relation of vinegar and baking soda in the easiest and awesomest possible way. This is such a genius way to incorporate fun into learning.

Grow Your Own Rock Candy

Found from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Treat your kids with this sweet science experiment that you can do in your kitchen and discover how crystals form over time and grow your own rock candy.  This will satisfy their sweet tooth and stoke their love of science.

Crayon Wands

Found on Kids Activities Blog

A super simple and cool way to reuse your broken or old kid’s crayon is to turn them into a crayon wands.  These are super fun to add to your coloring kit.

Slime Sun Catchers

Found from Babble Dabble Do

Any kid will love to watch the color and transparency of the slime as it changes and dries and even more fun to see them catching the light as they adorn your windows.

Who said that learning science is dull and boring?  There are actually plenty of easy and fun science activities that you guys could try. These ten creative ideas will help your kids grow their imagination and love science more. So give it a try and let me know what you think.


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