10 Amazing Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

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Yes! Father’s Day is coming up! This means we’ll be celebrating our husband and/or dad… or letting our husband know that he’s gonna be a dad in some cheesy surprise plan.

But one of the biggest questions is, do we make him a gift or buy one? There are plenty of silly Father’s Day gifts out there (you know, the ties and mugs that say “Best Father in the Galaxy?”), but how do we find the right thing that will make him feel thought of?

We all know that handmade gifts are good, but then there’s the debate on what to make. Well debate no more! I’ve found 10 awesome DIY Father’s Day gifts that are seriously cool. Gone are the days of cheesy mugs and ties! Handmade gifts have just leveled up.

DIY Pre-Shave Oil


I probably can’t tell you how much I like this one. It’s a simple design but it just looks classy. Also, it’s practical seeing as how every man needs it and he’ll be using it everyday (with a nice reminder that you were the one that made it for him).

Check out this Father’s Day gift here!

A Super Hero Father’s Day Card


What’s better than a Father’s Day card from the store? Well obviously this. I really think this one is great since it’ll make him feel thought of… and pretty super.

Check out how to make this card here!

Dad’s Toolbox – Free Father’s Day Printable


With an awesome set of pop, chips, and candy, it’s a great way to start off his day (alright, well maybe not health-wise, but you get the idea).

Take a look at how to make it here!

Rustic Popcorn Sampler


Maybe also used as a Father’s Day movie date night gift as well? Of course, only when the kids go to sleep.

Check out this DIY gift here!

Father’s Day Gift Jar


The mustache just adds that much more fun… and manliness to it. Now I think that’s an awesome combination. And I can’t see why your guy wouldn’t like this at all!

Try this DIY gift idea here!

Father’s Day Super Dad Pop Box Set


This DIY project is colorful and fun and will definitely put a smile on his face. The creativity of this gift is awesome and replication simple!

Check this gift out here!

Kid Made Scribble Mug


Now this one’s just plain endearing. And it’ll probably be a great gift for him to look back on as the kids (or grandkids) get older. Definitely a keeper!

Take a look at this easy DIY project here!

DIY Hanging Grill Tool Display


If your dad or husband loves to get the barbecue out during the summer, then this gift has just come right on time. Get it set and ready for him on Father’s Day and he’ll be ready grill.

Check out this gift idea here!

We Would Be Muffin Without You Dad


Baked goods? A reminder of what he already knows? Now I think this is probably the best gift yet (well.. almost). It’s definitely a fun baking project to do with the kids or for your dad yourself.

Get the free printables and how-to here!

Father’s Day Gift Bag


More awesome manly mustache designs! Definitely a great surprise and something fun for him to munch on as he watches his favorite movie on his special day.

Try out this easy DIY gift project here!

Now I’m not sure what kind of guy your husband or dad is, but I know he’ll have fun opening or discovering your DIY gift . And I really hope you have an awesome day with him!

Now if you’re not in the mood to make something, then check out this great list of gifts you can buy him for Father’s Day. Handmade things are special, but I know he’ll really appreciate a bought gift as well.

And if you have any great Father’s Day gift ideas, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear them!

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