13 Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Ideas that Might Be Too Pretty to Eat

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Valentine’s Day cooking decorating looks like a lot of fun.
But I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never been one to go all out with cookie decorating, but after finding these super cute ideas, I might just try it soon! And I feel like Valentine’s Day is a great time to do just that. Yes, Christmas and Easter have great decorations, but I feel like lovingly decorated Valentine’s cookies are a great way to show someone close to you that you’re thinking about them! I mean, it is a holiday for giving sweets, so why not make them decorated with care right?Well, I hope you enjoy these ideas, and if you try any of them out, let me know! 

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies with Eggless Royal Icing

This one is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, it’s also simple, but red velvet with chocolate (maybe make it dark chocolate?), seems like the perfect idea for Valentine’s Day.

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies with Eggless Royal Icing Recipe

Rose Petal Cardamom Shortbread

I am absolutely in LOVE with these cookies. They are incredibly gorgeous and eye-catching. Like can’t you just imagine showing up to a party with these?

Rose Petal Cardamom Shortbread Recipe

Heart-Shaped Vegan Valentine’s Cookies

These ones are a bit more fun and playful. And whether you’re making them for a Valentine’s Day party or for your family, I think everyone is gonna love them! ❤️ 

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