Turkish Food Bucket List: 10 Authentic Turkish Recipes

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I’ve been working on creating an authentic recipe series where I create bucket lists of different ethnic cuisines to try.

I really wanted to do this so that I could improve my cooking skills and try more new things.

But I also want to help you in doing the same thing as well!

And in this bucket list, we’re going to be covering some super delicious recipes for Turkish food.

I lived in Istanbul back in 2017. It’s a beautiful place with good people and some amazing flavors. And if you’re curious about traveling to that part of the world, then I would put some of these Turkish recipes on your list to try!

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Ali Nazik Kebab

If it’s your meal planning day, then this NEEDS to be on your list.

It’s packed with a lot of flavor!

You have:

  • Lamb
  • A smoked eggplant puree
  • Garlicky yogurt
  • And spiced butter.

I mean how do you even say no to this? 😂 

Also, if you’re a bit nervous about eggplant, don’t be. It’s not weird and it tastes really good!

Ali Nazik Kebab Recipe


This is the kind of recipe you have when you’re not afraid of flavor. In fact, this is the kind of recipe you make when you’re addicted to adding a ton of different spices and herbs and ingredients that overwhelm you with incredible flavors!

This bulgur dish is packed with spices, fresh ingredients, and herbs that will make this the perfect side for so many dinners!


Lahmacun Recipe

I feel like this Turkish food recipe is the kind of meal you make when you want a bit of comfort food.

And I get it, it kind of looks like pizza, but no, it’s not the Turkish people trying to copy the Italians.

It’s a common but tasty dish that’s made of yummy flat bread topped with a spiced beef and lamb mixture. So essentially meat on top of bread; it’s kind of hard to go wrong!

Lahmacun Recipe

Turkish Baklava

Baklava is kind of one of the best desserts in the world. ❤️ 

You take buttery flaky dough and you soak it in sugar syrup with other flavors and it’s kind of just amazing.

There are a lot of different country’s versions of baklava, such as Greece, so I think it might be fun to try them all and see how many differences there are!

Turkish Baklava Recipe

Beef Kofta

Turkey has a lot of different ground meat recipes, and this beef kofta looks like a yummy meatball dish.

They look so juicy and they’re packed with garlic, herbs, and spices, so I think it’s definitely worth a try!

Beef Kofta Recipe


I feel like cilbir is the kind of comforting breakfast you’d sit down to on a cold fall or winter morning.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Runny poached eggs
  • Garlicky yogurt
  • Chili butter drizzled on top

 Basically, if you’re not allergic to flavor, this is for you.

Cilbir Recipe


Kadaif is a Turkish dessert you eat when you’re not afraid of getting a massive sugar high. Seriously, it sounds so good!

You have flaky phyllo dough and a tasty walnut mixture that’s baked, and then soaked in a sugar syrup for that perfect moisture and sweetness.

Kadaif Recipe

Ramazan Pidesi

If you’re craving a delicious sourdough bread, than this Turkish recipe is perfect for you.

I think this is the kind of bread you’d want to experiment with and see how well it goes with a hot soup.

Ramazan Pidesi Recipe

Creamy Turkish Red Lentil Soup

Oh, you remember how I mentioned pairing that bread above with a soup? This might be the one you want to try it with.

This garlicky creamy red lentil soup is a common soup you can get in Turkey. So whether you plan on getting it there or trying it in your kitchen, I think it’s a worth having!

Turkish Creamy of Red Lentil Soup Recipe

Turkish Simit

If I remember correctly, I had gotten one of these on a quiet Sunday morning from a street vendor. I remember really enjoying the flavors of the sesame seeds and soft dough as we walked down the hill towards the water.

And if you’d like a bit of that Turkish street food experience yourself, then I think you might want to give it a try!

Turkish Simit Recipe

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