Spring Hacks for Men’s Wardrobes

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The cold season is finally passing, and now it’s time for a few hacks on your spring wardrobe and style.

A lot of men want to look good no matter what climate they’re in, but they also don’t want to spend a ton of money. So here’s your guide to making your spring clothes look good and work for you.



The key here is layering. This can work for any man, whether they’re in a warmer climate or the winter chill hasn’t quite left. And the best part is, there are plenty of ways to layer tops and look great.

A classic that every man should try is the button up and sweater. Now if you live in a place where things are just starting to heat up, find a thin cotton sweater (crew or v-neck, it doesn’t matter), that pairs nicely with your undershirt. Then, unbutton a couple buttons, let the collar lay loose, and you have a casual but great look.

Another way to layer your outfit is to pair your henley with an unbuttoned dress shirt. It’s a smart look and can look good when on a first date or going out with friends. You’ll appear well put together, but not too formal for any occasion. Roll the sleeves up if it’s a bit warm and unbutton your henely to look more casual.

Other layering options may include a bomber jacket, cardigan, or a blazer to pull off the entire look. It makes things either more formal or more fun, but either way makes you look amazing. Sometimes it may depend on your climate, but more likely than not, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.



Stay away from manmade materials like polyester and spandex. They don’t allow for any breathing and will make you sweat more easily. Go for light breathing materials like cotton, linen, or denim to ensure that you don’t overheat and feel your best.



When you apply these top two hacks, make sure that the lightweight layered looks have a color in them that pops. It’s a great way for guys who shy away from bright colors to experiment and make their look stand out altogether.

It shows that you can be playful as well as showing how well coordinated in style you are. Spring is a time for color, what with nature and holidays, it’s a time to have some fun with your wardrobe.

So wear that bright colored button up under your sweater, or pull off some colorful pants with a dark top and blazer. Attract that girl you’ve been seeing or show people you know what you’re doing.



Pairing these hacks together is a great way to ensure that you have your best look down when spring rolls around. Look for new ways to add a new touch to your outfits and give new looks a chance. Being adventurous is a great way to start off a new season. So instead of trying to make an outfit work, mix and match and see what outfits work for you.

If this post added value and gave you perspective on your wardrobe, then I’m glad I could help. However, if you didn’t feel like you were helped or didn’t find what you were looking for, email me or let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback on what you were hoping to get from this post and why it didn’t help you.


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