The Moroccan Food Bucket List: 10 Incredible Recipes

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Moroccan food.  What’s not to like?  This charming country on the northwest coast of Africa has diverse geography with the mountains, desserts, the sea – these things all influence the cuisine and make it a beautiful place to visit.

I was thinking about my last couple visits and decided it’s high time I added some authentic Moroccan food into my life again so I compiled a list of authentic Moroccan foods to try.

It’s actually part of a bigger series I’m doing about learning to make things from all over the world. 

As I try them out I’ll add or delete recipes and give my own thoughts.

Enjoy! 🙂

Moroccan Batbout with Beef

This batbout with beef looks so savory! The beef, the breading the spices, this is definitely going to be a win. I can’t wait to see how the garlic, onion, oil and other spices all play together!

Moroccan Batbout with Beef Recipe

Moroccan Zaalouk Dip (Eggplant Dip)

Looking over the list of spices and other ingredients, it’s hard to see how this one could go wrong. Cumin, paprika, garlic, tomatoes eggplant, what’s not to love?! I’m sure this Zaalouk will be a great crowd-pleaser at a shindig and I’m happy you can make it ahead and it’ll keep so it’s one less thing to think about the day of.

Moroccan Zaalouk Recipe

Lamb Shank Tagine

I love lamb and I’m always game to see how different ingredients I’m not used to accompanying each other will interact. This one delivers on exactly that. I can’t wait to experience the savoriness this has to offer with the shallots, dates, carrots and prunes. Definitely a combination I wouldn’t have thougth of off the top of my head but now that I know it’s out there I definitely want to try it!

Lamb Shank Tagine Recipe

Moroccan Beef Kebabs

Once again, Morrocan food delivers. A fine medley of spices: salt, cumin, cloves, nutmeg, garlic. This thing’s gonna be great! 

Moroccan Beef Kebabs Recipe


This Shakshuka is gonna be savory and delish. The ingredients demand it! And just 5 minutes active prep time? Yes please!  Easy peasy and tasty.


Moroccan Chicken

This one pot meal is just a good idea. All the different textures and flavors are sure to be a win – the textures especially, chicken olives, raisins and couscous will all make things so lovely and diverse, I just can’t wait to try it!

Moroccan Chicken Recipe

Slow Cooked Lamb Tagine with Apricots

This apricot tagine looks so lovely and good.  The squash and apricots will be a lovely addition to the meat, herbs, seasonings and spices.

Slow Cooked Lamb Tagine with Apricots Recipe

Moroccan Stuffed Dates | Dates Stuffed With Almond Paste

I love stuffed dates!  Every time I’m headed to the Arab world I look forward to them.  So wonderful and iconic.  So traditional and authentic.  You can’t go wrong.

Moroccan Stuffed Dates Recipe

Moroccan Semolina Pancakes

These look so good and moist and all the little lace-like holes in the pancakes will be a perfect place for honey or maple syrup to pool. I’m in!

Moroccan Semolina Pancakes Recipe

Maakouda (Moroccan Potato Cakes)

Spiced potato balls?  Yes please!  Anytime comfort food and comforting memories of travels intersect, I’m on board!

Maakouda Recipe

I hope this list makes you happy and helps you feed your loved ones or have that special thing for the party.  I’d love to know what you used the dish you tried for and how it turned out.  Also, what’s your favorite traditional Moroccan dish?

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