What’s a Quick Recipe You Like to Do but it Looks (and Tastes) Fancy?

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I feel like all of us have that back-pocket recipe where you feel and look pretty cool whenever we make it.

But it’s also super quick to make and when people go, “Gosh, this was so good. You’re such a great cook.” You can smile a nod while thinking, “Yep, it only took 15 minutes.”

But they’ll never know.

I guess maybe it could be called a secret weapon recipe if that’s not too cheesy?

And I think my own I-made-this-and-it-tastes-like-I-took-2-hours-in-the-kitchen dish would probably be this garlic basil chicken recipe with tomato butter sauce, except I omit the basil. 

Oh, and I also add extra butter and sometimes extra garlic, because why not make it taste even better?

I got it years ago from Pinch of Yum, maybe 2017, but it’s kind of the perfect recipe for when you want something super creamy and garlicky and it goes with practically any side.

You can put it on…

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Polenta
  • Couscous – Personally recommend; it takes minutes to make this one.
  • Barley
  • And basically anything else that counts as a carby side.

She says it takes her 50 minutes, but I’m pretty sure it takes me 30 minutes or less at most.

And I know there are probably shorter recipes I could have chosen, but this one is a recipe that people just like, it looks great, and it gives you that satisfying full feeling.

So, what’s that quick but fancy-tasting recipe that you love to make? What dish have you used to fool others into thinking you spent hours on your feet?

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