6 Beyond Easy Crafts You can Make and Sell Online

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So I’m all about side hustles; those awesome ways to make money on the side. You know, the thing you do apart from your full-time job? Why? Because if you work hard enough on it, that side hustle might just become your only job. No more waking up early in the morning and then going home late at night. And that’s why I decided to explore making and selling crafts. I’ve seen so many stories of a person creating one or even a couple items, duplicating them, selling them, and then making a great profit. I thought it’d be a great way to help my readers find a way to create their own side hustle.

So down below I’ve found some awesome ideas from other blogger’s amazing lists of crafts you can make and sell. And I’ve also found some great tips and hacks that you can apply when starting to sell online.

I love sharing with my readers what I’ve found, but I also love linking through to the source where I found the information from. This gives you the opportunity to not only see what I think is cool, but to click through and find even more ideas. So check out what I have and feel free to head to the bottom and take a look at what these other bloggers have to show!

Triple Sales on Etsy – Loyal Customer Rewards


Found from TwelveSkip: See Source Below

First, I’m going to start off by giving you guys an Etsy tip from the blogger Pauline Cabrera. She gives plenty of advice, but what I thought was a great hack was to offer repeat customers awesome discounts. It’s a great way to gather a loyal following for your brand!

20 Minute Tote Bags


Found from DIY Joy: See Source Below

Hold up now, 20 minute tote bags? Ok, this sounds like one of the easiest things you can make and sell. They’re easily customizable and a great starter when trying to make your first sales. Also, they can be marketed to almost any age group since well.. a lot of us need a bag to hold things in and.. they’re pretty darn cute.

Sunglass Bag


Found from DIY Joy: See Source Below

Obviously we’re going for super simple, and what better way to start off making something easy but trendy, than with a sunglass bag. You can start marketing them to all of the light eyed people out there.. like me! Seriously, we need a safe place for our sunglasses so they don’t get lost… the sun is brutal on our eyes.

Marbles Mugs with Nail Polish


Found from DIY Joy: See Source Below

I love my tea and coffee which makes this a great DIY project to try out and sell online. For most people, coffee is a need, so try marketing your mugs to us addicts.

Kate Spade Inspired Phone Cases


Found from DIY Joy: See Source Below

I think the point of this post is making items that are “essentials.” Where they’re not really a need, but so many of us use them that they feel like they are. And since a lot of people have smart phones (*cough* iphones *cough*), this is a great product to make and sell.

Reversible and Reusable Gift Bag


Found from DIY Joy: See Source Below

Now I think this one’s great since you can reuse the bag that your mom used for your birthday present last year, and she’ll never know.. Ok she probably will, but this is still a pretty awesome craft to make; super creative!

Stamped Tribal Clutch


Found from Delineate Your Dwelling: See Source Below

Alright so I’ve already done a couple of bag/purse ideas, but it’s a smart market to get into! Us women like our purses and clutches! Well… some of us do at least. Anyways, if you’re wanting to try something a bit more trendy and millenial-ish, then experiment and make this easy tribal clutch.

15 Sewing Tricks Your Grandmother Should Have Taught You

9 pin

And now last but not least, I leave you with an awesome list of sewing hacks from One Crazy House. Because if you’re not super crafty but you think you can try one of these things out, then definitely check out these tips.

Sewing Hacks from One Crazy House

Side hustles are kind for a big thing for me, seriously, it’s how I made blogging my full-time gig. And that’s why I like to encourage my readers to take small steps towards their own side hustles, because you never know what’s going to be the beginning of the end for your 9-5 job. Seriously, something as simple as selling crafts can get you there. It’s happened before.

Now if you have any awesome craft ideas or finds yourself, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!


Triple Etsy Sales – Loyal Customer Rewards: TwelveSkip – Link removed: site no longer responds.

20 Minute Tote Bag: DIY Joy

Sunglass Bag: DIY Joy

Marbles Mugs with Nail Polish: DIY Joy

Kate Spade Inspired Phone Cases: DIY Joy

Reversible and Reusable Gift Bag: DIY Joy

Stamped Tribal Clutch: Delineate Your Dwelling

DIY Home

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    and book covers for our holy book ( our quran)
    so i started a hustle by making thees
    and there a hit!
    thanx for the share


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