7 Habits That’ll Help You Become a Gardening Pro

Silas & Grace

Gardening like a pro doesn’t mean you need to have all the right tools or years of practice. Instead, you just simply need to start some positive gardening habits that will help you make the most out of your yard.

Start with Easy Plants

There is no sense in buying plants that you don’t know how to look after. This will waste your money and cost the plant its life. Instead, opt for easy to grow and easy to maintain plants.  Hardy plants that can deal with bad soil, weather conditions, and the chance that you might forget to water them are most likely your best bet.


Gardening isn’t just about doing; it is also about educating yourself. By reading up on different plants, their requirements, and how to keep your garden healthy, you will be enabling yourself to become a better gardener and to have a wider range of healthy plants in your garden.


Plastic bottles and toilet roll tubes can be great garden utensils. These can help to grow your seeds and keep them safe from pests and creatures that would destroy or eat them. Using your household recyclables also means you are instantly giving them another purpose and reducing your overall waste.

Companion Plant

Different plants create and use different nutrients within the soil. By planting different types of plants together, you will ensure a constant source of nutrients in the soil, and the plants can help each other to thrive. 

Utilize Stones

Stones on the surface of the soil can be annoying, but they can also benefit your plants. They will help retain moisture for the plants, as well as to help maintain the correct temperature for your greenery during the day and when it cools down at night.

Remove the Dead

If a plant is no longer viable, get it out of there so it doesn’t impede on the growth of its neighboring plants. This will also make your garden look neater, and give you space for other, healthy plants.

Learn the Seasons

Certain plants do better when taken out of their pot or planted at certain times of the year. So make sure you don’t take your plants out and expect them to grow. Take note of their care instructions, as well as the weather requirement, to avoid killing your plants due to temperate issues.

Gardening like a pro may not be a natural talent, but there is no reason you can’t learn. By following little tips, your gardening journey will become a bit easier and you may even find yourself with a new hobby.


Silas & Grace

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