9 Super Clever Ways to Create Extra Space in Your Tiny Bathroom

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Almost everyone’s bathroom is small. It’s like the people that made the homes didn’t think about the fact that we usually have a ton of beauty and self-care products that we need to store. Not to mention essentials like cleaning supplies and towels.

And even if you do have a bigger bathroom, you might have that smaller one that the guests or the kids use, and that almost always feels cramped. And that’s why I decided to create a list of awesome hacks to make your small bathroom feel a lot more spacious

So check them out and let me know what you think!

Tiered Kitchen Stand

Found from Golden Boys & Me

I think this is a super easy and cute way to keep your bathroom counter from getting cluttered. Definitely shop the kitchen supplies aisle to find this one!

Hang Beauty Supplies on an Extra Curtain Rod

Found from Alisha Marie

If you have a lot (or even a few) beauty/self-care products, try hanging them from a curtain rod. It’ll make them so much easier to access and manage!

IKEA Grundtal Cart Storage

Found from Curbly

IKEA has a lot of products, and many of them are great for organizing your different rooms. I especially like this one since it’s not super expensive and doesn’t take up too much space.

Shower Pocket Organizer

Found from Camping World

Buying a cheap hanging pocket organizer is a super simple way to keep your shower/tub supplies neat. Definitely makes things easy to grab!

File Box Appliance Storage

Found from Dream Green DIY

If your straighteners and curlers and hair blow-dryers are cluttering your sink area or cabinets, then try hanging a file box with some command hooks and a file box!

Add Shelving and Storage Under Your Sink

Found from Good Housekeeping

A simple way to create extra space in your small bathroom is to add an extra shelf under the sink. Then try keeping your things in baskets and on lazy susans to things don’t get cluttered.

Wicker Basket Shelving

Found from Good Housekeeping

If you have some old wicker baskets around the home, then definitely try this shelving hack out (or buy them at a cheap price from the store).

IKEA Raskog Cart

Found from A Beautiful Mess

Raskog carts seem to come in handy for any area of the home. And the best part about having it in a small bathroom is that it’s easily moved around. No need to pick it up, just roll it to a different area or even out of the room when needed!

Hanging Organizer in Your Shower

Found from Good Housekeeping

Hanging organizers like these can be used anywhere, but a great place for them is in the shower. It’ll keep your shower/bath walls from getting messy and keep things out of the way.

Whether you live in an apartment or you have a big home, any of these small bathroom organizing hacks will definitely come in handy. There’s no need to work around your beauty and cleaning supplies when you can easily have them out of the way and easy to access.

Now if you have any questions about these organizing tips, just let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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