9 Summer Fashion Tips That’ll Keep You Stylish & Comfortable

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Summer is around the corner, so you burst into your closet just to find that your summer wardrobe needs a facelift. But don’t panic! We have some easy to do hacks to upgrade your summer wardrobe to be beach ready as well as some tips and tricks to help keep you cool and comfy.

Oversized T-Shirt Dress

Transform that oversized tee into a dress for the ultimate upcycle fashion outfit without spending a dime! Put on the t-shirt so that the neck opening is around your chest (and under your arms), then tuck the sleeves into the front of the shirt for a cute look.

Tired of Cutoff Jeans?

Instead of just throwing those old cutoff jeans out, give them a facelift by adding lace trim from an old blouse or t-shirt to the hem, add some embellishments on one side of the leg for extra sparkle, or give the hems a scalloped or patterned cut edge.

Paper Clip Racerback Bra

Instead of going out and buying a racer back bra, DIY it and use paper clips to create a simple and quick racer back look that can easily be hidden under those tank tops and summer blouses.

Adjustable Rings are You Best Friend

Prevent having to ditch your jewelry and use adjustable rings that you can still wear even when your fingers and hands swell. This way you won’t have to worry about leaving the rings at home!

Skip the Padded Bra

Swap out the padded bra for an unlined cotton bralette to help with sweat. Cotton is a cool and breathable fabric that will help reduce the amount of sweating that the heavy and hot foam padding causes.

Structured Pieces

Loose fitting and flimsy clothing will easily stick to you as soon as you start sweating, so try wearing structured clothing instead. Look for pieces made of natural fibers like cotton that have some structure for optimum comfort.

Downsize Your Bag

Instead of lugging around a hot and heavy bag or backpack that will cling to you in the heat, sport a small crossbody or handbag to prevent your bag from weighing you down and making you feel hotter.

Baby Powder For Sweat

Make sure to sprinkle some (fragrance-free) baby powder down your shirt to help absorb sweat, reduce body odor, and help keep you more comfortable. Carry a small travel sized container with you for maximum convenience.

White shoes looking dirty?

Those white shoes can start looking a little grubby after a whole summer of traveling. To bring them back to their original white color, scrub them with some baking soda and a toothbrush.

We all love the summer, but we hate the heat. So try out these simple fashion tips and tricks and let us know what you think!

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  1. I appreciate your advice on using paper clips to create a DIY racerback bra that will look good on tank tops and summer blouses. I’ll give this a try come the summer season. We’re planning to buy streetwear for the season, and most of the designs I liked are tank tops.


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