9 Sewing Hacks Every Crafty Person Needs to Know

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If you’re thinking of starting a new hobby this year, I highly suggest sewing! Not only can it save your clothes and money, but it has a lot of therapeutical benefits too.

I’ve gathered some awesome sewing hacks that can make your hobby more fun and easy. These will seriously help you out a lot and may even inspire you! So check them out, and if you have any tips too, let me know. I might just add them!

Organize Your Sewing Room with a Pegboard

Now, this is something that every crafty person will totally love. It’s super chic and helps with organizing all your supplies so nothing gets lost. This can also add a bit of personality to your sewing room.

Organize Your Fabric with 5 Rung Pant Hangers

It’s always nice to see your fabric organized and in order at all times. This way it can save you space and time looking for the right color or pattern of fabric. So try using a 5 rung pant hanger to organize it all!

Prefer Mini Clothespins Instead of Straight Pins

If you want sewing bindings and pipings to be hassle free, try using a mini clothespin. Because of how thick the fabric can get, it does a better job at keeping the layers lined together than a simple pin. 

Use a Soap Bar for Pins

I seriously like this idea because the pins and needles are coated in soap, which will make them easier to insert through the fabric! Make it – Love it’s demonstration of this hack definitely look cute!

 Pinked Seams

Turns out that this pinked shears are a great help in trimming seam allowance. It leaves an attractive edge and can be done quickly without having things unravel! 

DIY Bobbin Storage

Now if you have a toe separator (the kind used for a pedicure) at home you can keep your bobbins organized and together by storing them in a foam toe separator. Now that’s a super simple hack!

Uniform Seam Allowance

This trick will make your sewing faster and more fun. Just put a rubber-band around two pencils together and voila, you can have a uniform seam allowance in an instant!

Smooth Out Your Pattern

If you’re someone who often uses a pattern, then you’ve probably noticed that your paper gets too wrinkled and folded overtime. Straighten it back like when you first bought by ironing it out.

Dental Floss Gather

If you’re working on a pattern that requires gathering long fabric into a shorter piece of fabric, then zigzag over dental floss so you can gather. Believe me, the end result is going to be pretty and you can gather in way less time!

Who say’s that sewing is a difficult and tricky hobby when there’s a lot of smart and helpful tips that will make your sewing easier? And overtime with practice, it will be much easier and less frustrating for you.

Now if you have any other sewing hacks that you can add to the list, comment them down below. I’d love to hear about them!

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