9 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks

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It’s getting towards that time of year when a lot of us decide that our home could maybe use a bit of cleaning. So get your house ready for warmer weather with these nifty little cleaning hacks!

Start at the Beginning

Doormats are incredibly useful for trapping dirt before it gets into your home – it’s your first line of defence. And a good idea is to have two of them; one for inside and one for outside your front door. Just remember to brush them down once a week or they could bring in more dirt than they stop.

Dust with Dryer Sheets

Here’s a good little tip for you. Use dryer sheets to dust around your home. They’re coated with an anti-static layer which will transfer to whatever you clean meaning that next time there should be less dust to dust. Very useful!

Use White Vinegar and Baking Soda

For a super-duper extra sparkling clean kitchen, make your own cleaning solution with white vinegar and baking soda (mix enough until it’s a thin paste). This little trick will really bring the shine back to stainless steel fixtures and fittings and will save you money at the same time. 

Store Bedding in Pillow Cases

Keep all of your bed sheets together and organized by folding them neatly and stowing them inside pillow cases. This is a great way to keep your drawers tidy and uncluttered.   

Keep Your Chopping Boards Looking Good

Cut a lemon in half and scrub it over your chopping boards to get rid of all those unwanted food stains. For an extra shot of power to the process, use salt or baking powder as well.  

Clean Your Cloudy Glasses with Vinegar

You may have noticed that vinegar is showing up a few times in the other hacks. That’s because it’s awesome! The acidity of vinegar means it’s able to cut through all kinds of horrible stains and marks. Simply pour some onto a paper towel and rub around your old glasses.

Clean Grease Stains Off the Wall with Chalk

This is a great little trick that will come in very useful if you have youngsters in the home. And the chances are if you do have children, then you know that greasy little fingerprints are to be expected. Simply rub over the marks with white chalk and wipe away with a damp washcloth.

Get Rid of Garbage Odours

Nobody likes stinky bins. Fact. Crumple up a few sheets of newspaper and put them in the bottom of a fresh bag. This will help absorb all those bad odours. 

Remove Rings From Furniture

Use a hairdryer to remove those unsightly rings that are left when people don’t use a coaster. Simply hold the hairdryer near the marks and dry on a high setting. After a few minutes you should see the rings start to disappear (you can also add a bit of olive oil to recondition the spot!).

Hopefully these little tips, tricks, and hack will take a bit of the pain out of your spring cleaning. So get your home nice and clean and relax!

Happy cleaning!

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