9 Habits of Fit & Healthy Women You Need to Try

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It’s not always the easiest to lose weight, especially with habits we have grown over the years. But with just a few simple changes, and substituting them for better habits, you can see incredible results quickly. So check these out and let us know how it goes!


When it comes to reducing stress and improving mental health, laughter is king. Laughter helps to burn fat and reduce stress that can lead to weight gain.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Fit women understand the importance of eliminating empty calories, and that includes empty calories in sodas, teas, and lattes.

Stick to drinking water so that you can save the highest number of calories possible for important proteins and veggies.

Move Whenever and Wherever You Can

Movement is critical in the life of a fit woman, so try to find opportunities to move more so you can get those extras steps and squats in. So instead of sending your husband to grab a bottle of water, get up and turn that quick trip to the fridge into a series of lunges.

Get Some Vitamin D

Fit women know that going to the gym is important for self love, but going outdoors is just as important. Taking some time outside and getting a breath of fresh air does wonders for your soul.

Balance is Key

Fit women don’t avoid going out, but they do practice balance by having a treat every now and then (which helps to prevent bingeing).

Progress, Not Perfection

Focusing on progress is where fit women excel. They learn to continually improve themselves and strive to see results big and small instead of perfection.

Tune In

Using music can help amp up your mood for the morning’s workout, so adjust your tunes to your workout level or activity for the day to keep you jamming and motivated.

Restaurant Game Plan

If you are going out for dinner or lunch, have an idea in mind of what you’ll be ordering. Having a game plan and a meal of choice in mind will help keep you from straying for something less healthy.

Pack On the Protein

Fit women use the power of protein to help recover from workouts and burn fat. So try adding more protein to your diet and consuming protein within 30 minutes after your workout for the ultimate recovery food for your body.

It seems like it can be easier for other to lose weight faster than us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with the right habits, you can be one of those people who lose weight fast. So try these out and let us know how it goes.

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