9 Easy Ways to Start Losing Weight Today

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At some point in any person’s life, they want to lose weight and lose it NOW. But how can we do this safely without feeling gnawing hunger pains or causing damage to our bodies? Well, these ten tips will help lead you in the correct direction and to your fitness goals. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Lose the Water Weight

Sitting in a sauna for twenty-minute sessions a few times a week may not seem like doing much, but you will end up sweating out excess water and the pounds will follow. Make sure to stay hydrated and discuss any health concerns with a trained professional beforehand to ensure that it is safe for you to use one.

Use Intermittent Fasting

While starving yourself is unhealthy, intermittent fasting can be good for your body. Use a six to eight-hour window during the day where you can eat, then for the rest of the time do not eat. It’s as simple as that. Your body will adjust to the change and it will also help you to avoid snacking between meals.

You can also read up on 4 types of intermittent fasting that’ll help you lose weight here!

Eat More Eggs

There’s a boiled egg diet that suggests you eat more eggs for breakfast, along with healthy lunches and dinners, to lose weight. Somewhere in Disneyland, Gaston is laughing at this, but it’s true. Eating boiled eggs will fill you up and burn the pounds.


Drinking water is inherently good for you, but did you also know that water can fill you up more? By drinking more, you may end up eating less while still feeling comfortable.

Exercise More

Exercise is GOOD for your mind and body. By incorporating a daily exercise plan that fits in with your schedule, you will be more likely to lose fat. But bear in mind that while you lose weight in fat, you may then gain weight that is pure, lean muscle. So don’t be concerned if you start to see yourself gain back a few pounds. 

Ban the Booze

If you want to lose weight, alcohol must go. There is truth behind the ‘beer belly’. Alcohol will make you gain weight. So if you can go without it, you will notice results.

Eat More Fiber

Fiber-rich foods taste great and make you feel full, plus they help your bowels keep everything running smoothly. By eating more fiber, you won’t be craving extra food or unhealthy snacks, and will still be able to remove waste regularly helping with the weight loss process.

Cook at Home

While takeout and restaurants are convenient, you can always end up overindulging to get your money’s worth. Even the healthiest sounding choices may be crammed with calories and preservatives. When you cook at home, you choose what goes into your meal, and can also use more portion control.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein, such as chicken or fish, are great for weight loss as they speed up your metabolic rate. Also, they’ll help you burn more calories if you’re working out, keep you fuller longer, and give you more energy.

Remember to always be safe when trying to lose weight. Don’t fully restrict yourself or make yourself feel ill. And if you’re ever in doubt, please see a qualified doctor or nutritionist. Good luck!

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