9 Closet Uses You’ll Wish You’d Thought of Sooner

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It doesn’t matter if you live in a small home or not, you can get creative with any space you have. And one of my favorites is the closet; it’s definitely overlooked. We tend to use it for just easy storage for clothes and cleaning supplies and.. junk. But what if you turned that extra bit of space into a more useful space? What if you could made that space benefit you in new ways?

WARNING: Below are some great ideas, but you don’t have to be as fancy as them. You can take a great idea and put your own spin on it. So no need to feel intimidated, you can try your hand at a DIY and it doesn’t have to be as complicated.

So have fun looking through these ideas and let me know what you liked best

Closet Fort or Bunk Beds


Found from The Glamorous Housewife: See Source Below

With whatever direction you want to take this, you can save some extra space and put your child’s sleeping quarters or play area/fort in their closet. Pretty fun idea right?

Laundry Space


Found from The Glamorous Housewife: See Source Below

If your laundry room isn’t that big, then try using your closet as an extra space to get creative and store them and your washing supplies.

Mini Library


Found from Real Simple: See Source Below

Again, these ideas don’t have to be just as complicated or fancy. You can make it as simple as you want, and if you’re an avid book reader, then this is a great idea!

Craft Storage


Found from Hey There Home: See Source Below

If you’re a crafty person that loves projects and sewing and DIY, then this is a great idea. Keeps things all in one place, and gives you some awesome space for more projects.

More Ideas for Laundry Storage


Source Unknown

Just another great idea for laundry (and cleaning products) storage for small spaces.

Nursery Closet


Found from Two Twenty One: See Source Below

Let’s be honest, we always buy too much for our kids. And whether it’s clothing or toys, we need all the space we can get. And that’s why I think this nursery closet is an awesome idea!

Craft Closet


Found from Hometalk: See Source Below

I know I’ve already talked about a craft closet, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one. It’s just another great idea to try out!

Mini Office


Found from Sayeh Pezeshki: See Source Below

If you work from home, then this small office built into a closet is a great idea!

Not so Mini Office


Found from Whimages: See Source Below

And if you need a bit more space than the one before, here’s another great closet office! Definitely something you should try your hand at.

Now whether you’re looking for a small DIY project to try your hand at, or you’re feeling adventurous and want to try the entire tutorial, you’ll still be thanking yourself later on for how much space you’ve saved. Seriously, closets are one of the best places to get creative with your room.

Now if you have any closet storage ideas yourself, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!


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