5 Budget Thanksgiving Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Home More Festive

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With Thanksgiving comes the struggle of finding the perfect items to decorate your home and especially on a budget. But, you don’t always need to buy new expensive things to make your place stand out. You can always find items lying around and use it to make new decorations. And the following list will help you out with cheap decorating ideas that can help you with thanksgiving décor.

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Create Centerpieces: Every dinner spread needs an eye-catching centerpiece and you can create your own personalized arrangement. Go on a tour of your home and backyard and gather an assortment of dried leaves, flowers, twigs and pine cones. You can arrange these anyway that you find aesthetically pleasing. You can also spray paint or dust the pieces with glitter and have a beautiful centerpiece!

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Mini Pumpkin Candles: This is a great and unique way to make your own cute candle holders. Hollow out mini pumpkins and clean them from the inside. You can decorate the pumpkins from the outside by painting them your choice of color. Next, put in a small candle into each pumpkin and you have the perfect thanksgiving candle holder that is inexpensive and minimalistic.

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Fall Chalkboard: This is a great idea to stay true to the essence of thanksgiving. You just need chalk and a chalkboard for this piece of décor. You can write a quote about thankfulness with colorful chalk and place it at the entrance to greet your guests. Another idea would be to get smaller chalkboards and make everyone write what they’re thankful for.

Fall Vase: You can arrange a few bare twigs to make a fall-themed vase. Place them in a corner or on a table to make a statement. This can help impress your guests with your creativity. Just make sure to gather twigs and branches from different trees to add in more shapes and textures to your fall vase.

Gold Pumpkins and Acorns: This is a very easy DIY project. You will just need gold spray paint, pumpkins, and pinecones. Adding in metallics into your décor is a great way to add a touch of sophistication. Simply spray paint some pumpkins and pinecones, and once dry, you can put them anywhere you want.

These are some very easy and budget-friendly ideas to add a touch of fun and creativity to your Thanksgiving while making sure you end up with pretty home décor.

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