8 Ways to Wear a Scarf and Look Amazing

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Scarves are easily the most versatile winter accessory around. They can be worn as outerwear for the weather, or as an adorable accessory all day long. And if you’re looking to add a little more style to your scarf game, then these eight ways to wear a scarf will definitely enhance your winter wardrobe! 

The Euro Knot/Basic Pull Through

One of the easiest knots for a scarf that still adds a touch of elegance. Just take your scarf and fold it in half and put it around your neck. Then pull both ends of the scarf through the loop in the front and you’re done!

Knotted Shawl

Place a scarf over your shoulders and simply tie the ends behind your back. Pull the bulk of the fabric over the half knot to hide it and you have a casual, sleeved-shawl look.

Belted Cape

Fold your blanket scarf diagonally into a triangle. Wrap the scarf around your back with the ends draping over your shoulder and tie a belt around the entire look.

Infinity Scarf Look

Get the look of an infinity scarf with what you already have in your wardrobe. Simply tie your scarf into a loop and place around your neck with the knot in the back. Twist the scarf in front of you and pull the second loop over your head for a simple infinity scarf look.

The Atlantis

Add some flair to a plain colored shirt with this gorgeous look. Loop the scarf around your neck with one end laying longer than the other. Fan the longer end out across your chest and tuck the end behind your neck. This leaves the scarf laying fully across your chest for a clean glamorous look.

Head Covering

Simply drape the scarf over your head and throw one or both ends over your shoulder for a comfortable and warm head covering. It’s a great way to get the glamorous 1950’s movie star look.

Shoulder Cover

Wrap a smaller rectangular scarf over your shoulders and tie in the front across your chest for a stylish way to keep warm in colder months.

Knotted Scarf

Hang the scarf evenly around your neck. Loosely tie a knot into one side of the scarf and gently pull the other end through the knot for a simple tie-like appearance.

A scarf may seem like a simple piece of fabric but, as seen, there are many different ways to tie one up to create a brand new look. Try any of these styles and you’ll definitely have people complimenting your style all season long.

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