8 Spring Decor Ideas That Are Beautiful and Effortless

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Spring’s here and your house still has those dark, gloomy, and cool vibes from winter. So here are some easy decorating techniques to add a fresh spring design to your home.

Bring in the Green

Bringing in plants and flowers will add a freshness to your home influenced by the new blooming plants outside. You can fill vases with flowers to place on your coffee table and or bathroom and kitchen counter tops. Or place some potted plants and succulents on your bedside tables and bookshelves.

Get Fruity

Now that there’s a larger selection of fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market and grocery store, use those fresh fruits and veggies as décor in your kitchen to add color, freshness, and brightness with a look that screams Spring. 

Pastel Palette

Using a pastel palette of light greens, pinks, and beiges in your office and or bedroom creates a clean and tranquil ambience sure to add serenity and comfort to your workspace. This soft palette is subtle and airy, perfect for those breezy and cool Spring days.

Keep it Minimal

Decluttering and minimizing your decorations will mimic this season of renewal. Reducing the amount of clutter will improve concentration and reduce distractions, which is especially important in your office or workspace. Keeping your bookshelves, coffee tables, and counters free of clutter will reinvigorate your home with a lightness and cleanliness that this season is most well known for.

Swap Those Sheets

Time to put away those heavy winter blankets and warm flannel sheets. One of the easiest ways to redecorate for spring is to pull out those sheer, light, and breathable sheets. Using a sateen or cotton set of sheets will help keep you cool as the temperature rises.

Pops of Color

If you aren’t a fan of pastels, you can add pieces that provide pops of vibrant colors such as a colorful vase, pillow, or curtains that provide a bright and cheery contrast to the clean and light shades of grey and beige. 

Bring the Patio Indoors

Using wicker furniture in your home during the Spring adds texture and light colors. And if you’re not convinced about a large piece of wicker furniture, start small by adding a wicker lampshade or footrest.

Bring the Sun Inside

As the days become longer and the sun begins to make regular appearances, it is recommended decorating your home using shades of yellow and orange. Using yellows and oranges during the springtime is an easy way to give your home a positive facelift that will boost your mood.

It’s pretty simple to get your home ready for spring, so try these cute and fresh ideas out and let us know what you think!

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