8 Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Muffin Top

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Before summer comes, many of us women want to be in great shape. We like to tone our thighs, arms, and of course our belly. And sometimes it can take a lot longer than we want to get rid of the fat around our body.

But thankfully, you’re not alone; many people go through these kind of weight loss struggles. And that’s why today, I decided to gather some of the best ways to effectively eliminate belly fat. These are ideas that won’t require you to hit the gym, aren’t complicated, and give great result. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Eliminate High-Calorie Drinks

You might already know that you need to cut calories with your daily meals, but you probably don’t think a lot about drinks you take in and their hidden calories. So ditch the sugary fruit juices, sodas, and lattes, and skip alcohol too! They can make losing weight so much harder.

Eat Whole Foods

Instead of eating foods with refined grains like white rice, white bread, and pasta, replace them with whole grains and introduce more fiber into your diet. Also, whole foods are natural, and rich in nutrients and vitamins that are essential for a healthy diet.

Get More Fiber into Your Diet

Fiber is one of the best nutrients you can have while trying to lose weight. Fiber makes you feel full and slows digestion. As a result, food enters your bloodstream slower, making it easier to burn off and keeps you fuller for longer (which helps you from overeating). So try eating more veggies, like broccoli, avocados, cabbage, collard greens, peas, and brussels sprouts.

Stock Up on Protein

In addition to the above tip, your diet should also include food that is high in protein. Protein increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin, preventing your body from digesting food too quickly and causing less fat to get stored in your stomach. It also stimulates your metabolism which helps burn even more fat.

Standing Twists

Now, after focusing on what you should be taking in, let’s move onto easy exercises that’ll get rid of that muffin top.

To begin with this workout, place your hands behind your head, elbows out wide, and knees slightly bent. Isolate your core making sure your hips don’t move then twist to one side and alternate. Repeat for 5 minutes and feel the belly burn.

Work-Out Your Side Muscles

When you want to get rid of your muffin top, you should also make an effort to workout the muscles that run along the sides of your core. By eliminating waistline fat, you can easily work out your abdomen and have great abs.

So to get started, simply lie on one side with both legs outstretched, raise and lower the top leg keeping it straight the entire time. Repeat the procedure with the opposite leg to work out both sides.

Jack Knives Workout

Improving your core strength will help you develop muscles in your abdomens, which also includes your sides and lower back. And this next workout will not only remove your muffin top, but tone your body as well.

To start, lay on the floor with your legs straight up, arms stretched above your head, and toes pointed towards the ceiling. Raise your arms towards your toes as you raise your legs to a 45- to a 90-degree angle, keeping your shoulders off the floor. You should bring your arms way up over your belly button so your body looks just like a jackknife. Then return back to the floor or bench with your legs and arms stretched out.

Side-to-Side Hops

This is a great cardio workout that’ll definitely get rid of your muffin top and work on your abs.

Begin by placing a band or a thin scarf on the ground in between the hands. Simply hop both feet back and forth over the line as fast as possible without getting out of control. Do this for one minute at a time for a total of 3 sets.

Now I hope this post was helpful, and if there was anything that I didn’t cover that you’d like to know more about, email me or let me know in the comments below! I’d be glad to answer your questions!

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