8 Simple & Natural Ways to Easily Clean Your Home

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We are living in a time where everything around us has some sort of harmful chemical in it. And when it comes to cleaning we try to get the best products available at the store. We need our home to be spotless, but we also don’t realize what we are doing to ourselves and the environment.

So in order to prevent that, I decided to find ten natural ways to clean your space without introducing harmful products into your home. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Homemade Air Freshener

Who doesn’t want their home to smell nice? But the air fresheners we use in our home contain toxic chemicals. So instead, mix 1 cup water and ½ cup of cheap vodka and add ½ tsp of your favorite scented oil and you’re done. You have a natural air freshener.

Switching from a Vacuum to a Broom

Switching to a broom from a vacuum cleaner is also a great idea. It’s kind to the environment since we use less electricity and it can also be good exercise!

Easy Window Cleaner

Cleaning your windows can sometimes be hard because there always seems to be stains left behind. So instead of using chemical filled products, you can clean your windows by using a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar and wipe with a newspaper. Your windows will be clean and stain free.

Eliminate Trash Can Odors

You can clean your trash can and free it from odors by adding a ½ cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. Make sure to add them 1 hour before cleaning so all the odors and dirt can be eliminated. After this rinse it with water and dry.

Vinegar as a Floor Cleaner

In order to clean your floors, you can make this very simple recipe. Add 1 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water. Then use a mop to clean up the floor; it’s that simple!

Castile Soap as Hand Wash

For a toxin-free hand soap, all you will need is Castile soap and water. It is easily available and affordable. Put one fifth of it into a bottle and then top it off with water. You can also add your favorite essential oil to enhance the smell. 

Freshen Up Your Matress

To clean your mattress, sprinkle some baking soda along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and let it sit for a couple hours and then vacuum it up. It will make your mattress fresh and smell great!

Make Your Silver Shine

Here it is; the last tip! Do you want your silver to shine again? Instead of using a store bought cleaner, you can use a simple ingredient that’s already in your home. Cornstarch. Make a thick paste of cornstarch with water and apply it to your silver. After the paste has dried up, clean it with a cloth. Your utensils will be shining.

If you love natural ways to clean your home, then I hope you find these tips super helpful! Finding non-toxic ways to clean should always be quick and easy, and I know that these will definitely help you out around the home!

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