8 More Lazy Girl Exercises so You Can Get in Shape Before Summer

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So summer may be a few months off, but it’s always a great time to get in shape and gear up for the warmer months. Because pretty soon it’s going to be tank-top and shorts weather and you’ll want to show off those newly toned legs.

And I get it, exercising isn’t everyone’s favorite pastime. So that’s why I’ve curated a post of 8 lazy girl exercises that’ll help you lose weight quickly. Do the same one every day or vary them up, and you’ll find that your waistline is shrinking.

10 Minute/3-Song Workout

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Songs are a great way to get you pumped while working out, and this 3-song workout is an awesome way to do a short exercise routine… especially if you’re not feeling the 30 minutes a day.

One Song Workout

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Now if you’re feeling extra extra lazy, this one song workout will definitely help you break a small sweat.

Lazy Girl Exercises

Found from Christina Carlyle

This is a great set of exercises that you can do quickly and do while watching a movie or your favorite TV show.

Lazy Girl Arm Exercises

Found from Christina Carlyle

I’m definitely a fan of guides that’ll show you how to work out a specific part of your body. It’s a good way to focus on one part and then another part of your body the next day (so you don’t get burnt out).

Lazy Girl Ab Workout

Found from Christina Carlyle

Speaking of focusing on another part of your body, here’s one for your abs! It’s a super easy guide and if you do it every other day, you’ll start to see awesome results.

Lazy Girl Thigh Workout

Found from Christina Carlyle

Now its time to work on those legs. So once you’ve exercised your abs and arms, you can tone your legs and get them ready for bathing suit season.

Sofa Abs

Found from DareBee

Now if you’re binging Netflix, this is a great exercise to try. You don’t even need to leave the couch! No longer will your friends call you a couch potato.

7 Ways to Tone Body While Watching TV

Found from Cosmopolitan

Again, just another awesome way to tone your body even when being lazy and watching TV. So you can still marathon Stranger Things and have an awesome body.

Even though it’s cold out, there’s no reason why you can’t get in shape. Seriously, with easy lazy workouts like these, you’ll be ready for spring and summer in no time. Also, it’s just an awesome way to get healthy and feel better instead of sluggish and exhausted.

So go ahead, energize yourself and start feeling better with these lazy workouts!

Now if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to help you out!

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