8 Lazy Girl Butt Shaping Exercises You Need to Try

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Everyone want’s to get in shape as soon as possible, especially with summer here. While guys focus on losing a few pounds and buffing up their chest and arms, most girls like to sculpt the perfect butt to make them feel confident. And maybe lately you’re not feeling motivated to exercise. Too lazy to stretch up and you even hate going to gym. Well, I was once guilty of that and exercising is not my favorite past time.

Luckily, there are a lot of easy and simple workouts to shape your butt. I know most of you don’t have time to workout or even you’re just in your lazy day, these butt shaping exercises will help achieve your fitness goal. So check these tips and schedule yourself to do it everyday. You’ll eventually see your boot is working and ready for the summer weather. Let me know what you think.

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Lift that Butt 

Found from Super Sister Fitness

What I love about this workout is that there’s no equipment needed – that means no excuses! Repeat these moves 2-3 times and see that butt working.  

5-Minutes Booty Toner

Found from GymRa

There’s no reason to skip with this 5 minutes glute toner. Find some time and try these super effective moves.

10 Minute Booty Lift

Found from The Live Fit Girls

This quick booty workout  is true to its name. A variety of moves that lasts just 10 minutes to help achieve your booty goal. Include this in your weekly routine and you’ll be surprised at your results.

Booty and Hams Workout

Found from Christina Carlyle

Here is a great set of exercises you can do even watching Netflix. This is a super easy guide to do everyday or every other day, you’ll soon see the results.

10 Minute Printable Butt Workout

Found from Workout Labs

Get your shorts and bikinis ready because this exercise is totally geared for your butt!  It always feel good to be in good shape down there during the summertime.

In Case You Have an Extra 20 Minutes

Found from Spibelt

Yes you can have both core and butt workouts in just 20 minutes. One killer core move and effective butt workout in a single  exercise routine. Win-win!  

10 Minute Cardio Booty HIIT Workout

Found from The Live Fit Girls

This is the great way to do cardio and tone your butt at the same time!  As an added bonus, you don’t even need to stand to perform this workout. Easy-peasy right!

Add a Mini Band

Found from Fitwirr

If you want something that’s not too mainstream then loop a mini band to your legs while performing this work out. Mini bands are a great for adding resistance to help you work more. Remember, no pain, no gain.

And that does it for today’s lazy girl butt workout round-up!  The really thing is that you can do these great workouts at the comfort of your own living room and with very little time.  

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7 thoughts on “8 Lazy Girl Butt Shaping Exercises You Need to Try”

  1. Boy all those exercises in one place , you rock. Right at home no expensive equipment, I saw resistance bands at family dollar u get 2 per box, mats, and balls! None over $8. And Ocean state or Big lot little hand weights $1 per lb. I’m getting a attachment for my bike to make it a stationary bike. I got all winter, come spring big reveal to all my recipe swapping friends that the recipes are filled w/ heavy cream, cheese, etc. And go out drinking every w kend. I keep asking let’s go to a craft class. Or something fun. Nope ok. I’ll walk around the indoor flea markets _ watch movies riding my bike. I’m tired of being a follower. My brother bought me new blender w/ xtra to go bottle. I’m learning how to make my own almond milk. Thanks for the help w/ exercises. Today is the 1st and I did my morning exercises, I didn’t even go out last night I had fun texting my 11 y/o granddaughter, and friends and cousins around USA. Yea I’m over 50 & had 4 spinal surgeries. But I’m on my way , baby steps.

  2. You always have such good stuff! So many different ones to choose from makes it really nice. Don’t have to search everywhere. Thank you!

  3. Love love love it!! Thank you for sharing, being rehabilitated from a neck and back injury and it’s been very difficult to get my figure back. But this post is great easy to follow and not very difficult to do.


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