8 Beyond Genius Ways to Store Your Beauty Products

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As girls, we have a lot of makeup stuffed in our drawers and cabinets. It can get so messy and disorganized that it almost feels overwhelming to try and dig through your products just to find the mascara. And don’t get me started on makeup spills and eyeshadow that somehow magically coats everything in a fine sparkly powder.

But! You don’t have to deal with these kind of first-world women problems! Thankfully there are a ton of beauty product storage hacks.

Down below I found some awesome tips and tricks done by awesome bloggers that’ll show you how to clean that mess up and keep things easy to grab. So check them out and feel free to click through and see the easy tutorials.

1. Stick Your Bobby Pins on a Magnetic Strip


Found from Cosmopolitan

I’m pretty sure that bobby pins are infamous for everyone when it comes to losing them. You have 50 of them one day, and then the next… they’ve all mysteriously disappeared. But using a magnetic strip might just stop that from happening.

2. Use a Mason Jar to Store Your DIY Makeup Remover Pads


Found from Food Fun Family

Small and big mason jars are great ways to store your makeup products. And it’s a super cute way to store these DIY Makeup remover pads.

3. Organize Your Makeup Application Tools with Food Containers


Found from Cosmopolitan

If you want an easy and cheap way to organize your makeup application and remover products, then buy a set of a food containers.

4. Organize Your Makeup Products in Cute DIY Animal Mason Jars


Found from Bang on Style

I love this DIY project! It’s such a cute way to dress up your makeup station and keep things organized and easy to find.

5. Store Single Eyeshadows in Ice Trays


Found from Cosmopolitan

If you want an great way to store your eyeshadows and keep the different colors easy to find and grab, then try using an ice tray to organize them!

6. Ikea Raskog Rolling Vanity


Found from Polkadot Chair

This is such a cute DIY project! It’s super easy (all you have to do is add some text), and keeps all of your products together.

7. Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer to Hold Hair Products


Found from Cosmopolitan

Any easy and budget friendly way to organize your hair products is to buy a cheap shoe organizer and hang it on the back of your bathroom door.

8. Stick Your Brushes in a Coffee Bean Filled Flower Vase


Found from Cosmopolitan

If you want to dress up and organize your bathroom, you can easily half-way fill up a glass flower vase with coffee beans, and stick your makeup brushes in it.

Now if you’re someone who needs a bit of help with taming all of their beauty products (like me), then any one or more of these DIY organization ideas will work for you. I mean, it’s such a hassle to try and dig around in your drawers or makeup pouches looking for that one item. So why not keep things easy to find and easy to grab with some awesome and cute organization hacks.

Now if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments down below! I’d be glad to help you out!

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