8 Exercises That’ll Help You Sleep Better

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We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, but some people may not realize the benefits it can have on a good night’s sleep. So follow these ten exercises to allow yourself to dream without any restless disturbances and wake up feeling truly refreshed.


Something as simple as a walk in the evening, particularly after dinner, may lead to a more restful night. Push yourself a little to get your heart pumping, then you’ll find yourself more relaxed and ready for bed.


Cycling in the evening can be an enjoyable activity that will aid in sleep. Going for a short ride around the area you live will not only help you sleep better, but also reduce and the risk of developing sleep apnoea as you grow older.

Tai Chi

Exercise doesn’t always have to mean being out of breath and exhausted. Gentle exercises, such as tai chi, can aid in a restful night. It’s a great way to wind down the evening.


Lifting weights is great for your body but can also benefit your sleep. Ensure your weights are right for you, not too heavy or light, and that your posture is correct at all times, as back pain will certainly not help you sleep. Start off with just a few repetitions and work your way up to build muscles and rest peacefully.

Mental Exercise

Not all exercise is physical. Brain training is a great way to improve your education and memory, but it can also aid in a more restful night. Mindfulness techniques can really help you relax and get to sleep sooner.


If you are lucky enough to live near a pool with extended open hours, this may be the exercise for you. Swimming is great for people of all ages and body types. It uses the main muscle groups to tire you out physically, but can also reduce stressful feelings which helps your mental state too.


Stretches before bed can reduce muscle tension. One such stretch that helps with sleep is a simple forward bend. Sit with your legs out straight and together. Reach forward and try to touch your toes while bending your head down, facing your legs. Hold this for 5 minutes (or work your way up to this). This will loosen your spine and reduce the likelihood of back pain.


Pilates before bed can give you a great sleep. Try standing straight (with your legs shoulder width apart) then slowly bending over with your arms hanging in front of you, continuing until you touch the ground. Hold for a few seconds then roll back up. Repeat this a few times for a restful night.

Simple exercises, some that you can even do at home, will make all the difference in your night-time routines. Let us know how it goes, or if you have any suggestions that you’ve found beneficial.

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