8 Bedroom Organization Hacks That’ll Make You Look Like a Genius

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If you’re looking into easy ways to organize your room and make it look well put together, then you don’t have to work hard to find them. There are plenty of simple DIY projects and items you can buy to make things ordered but stylish. And you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money just to make your bedroom look great and clutter free.

Down below I’ve found some awesome hacks for making your room a bit more livable and lovable. With even just a few of these items, your room will be well put together and organized. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars to make your bedroom look chic but sensible. So check out my finds down below and be sure to head to the bottom to check out the tutorials!

DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer


Found from The Merrythought: See Tutorial Below

This is a super easy way to keep things from getting cluttered and looking trendy. As a simple DIY project, you can showcase your most used items and decorations.

Clothespins for Tights


Found from Lana Red Studio: See Tutorial Below

If you’ve got a lot of tights (or scarves), this is a great hack. Just use some clothespins to hang and organize them all from getting tangled up in your drawers.

Pegboard Nightstand


Found from Better Homes & Gardens: See Tutorial Below

Alright so I know I’ve already talked about a pegboard for storage, but this one is great. It’s big enough to hold a lot more than just a few small items. Also, it adds a nice splash of fun color in your room!

Closet and Room Divider


Found from vtwonen: See Tutorial Below

Now you can either make this yourself, or buy a budget friendly version of this and paint it. Whichever is simplest for you so you can get some extra storage in your room while dividing it up nicely!

Easy Tights or Scarf Organization


Found from Julie Ann Art: See Tutorial Below

Now this tutorial was originally meant for people who wanted to organize their tights, but I think it’s a great way to get your scarves organized as well!

Pretty Pen Cans


Found from Torie Jayne – Link removed, site no longer responds.

If you’re an artist or work a lot in your room, then this is a great way to keep things clean with your utensils. That and it adds just a bit of cuteness to the room.

Sweater Organization


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady: See Tutorial Below

Sweaters take up a lot of space, and this is a great way to get them off of your bedroom floor and hung up in a way that’s not going to stretch them out.

DIY Wooden Box Shelf


Found from Brit+Co: See Tutorial Below

If I haven’t already convinced you that wall storage is an efficient and super cute way to get your room organized, then here’s another example of an easy DIY project to get things up and out of the way.

Who says organization ideas have to be plain and practical. Why can’t they be colorful, creative, and fun? Well thanks to Pinterest, a lot of awesome DIY ideas have been able to get out there and spark our creativity.

Now if you have any awesome bedroom organization ideas yourself, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!


DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer: The Merrythought

Clothespins for Tights: Lana Red Studio

Pegboard Nightstand: Better Homes & Gardens

Closet and Room Divider:P vtwonen

Easy Tights or Scarf Organization: Julie Ann Art – Site no longer exists

Sweater Organization: The Krazy Coupon Lady

DIY Wooden Box Shelf: Brit+Co

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