7 Super Easy Easter Decorations You Need to Make this Spring

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Looking for a few fun new Easter decorations this year? Well below are eight super creative decor ideas the whole family can enjoy making together. So change it up with some new DIY crafts and let us know what you think!

Swirly Tie Died Eggs

A fun twist to traditional egg dying using food coloring and shaving cream. The food color is swirled through shaving cream and then applied to the eggs. The swirly colors transfer to the eggs creating a tie-dyed look. Super fun!

Egg Vases

Make cute little flower vases from empty egg shells. Raw eggs with the tops gently chipped off can be dyed or painted or left their natural color and filled with water and fresh spring flowers. You can use egg holders or get creative and find other items around the house to prop them up. 

Easter Egg Piñatas

These can be made with just about any size balloon blown up and covered with paper mache. These are so versatile because you can use just about anything you might already have around to decorate them. Crepe paper, ribbons, construction paper etc. Then fill them with your favorite Easter treats. These could even be a great alternative to plastic eggs if you are looking for more ways to avoid buying plastic. 

Rainbow Daisies

Think you don’t have an ounce of crafting ability in you? Well you can nail this craft no problem. All you need is 5 or 6 clear vases, glasses or even bottles filled with water. Color each one with a single color from the rainbow and then place a single daisy in each one; done! So easy and elegant looking as is, but of course you can add some ribbons or get extra crafty with endless possibilities.

Eggshell Tealight Holders

This craft uses eggshells from raw eggs that if you crack carefully enough can be made into a tealight holder centerpiece. Dye or paint the egg shells and place them in a ceramic egg holder. Fill each one with tealights and use it for a colorful centerpiece.

Paper Daffodil Wreath

Made with white and yellow construction paper, cotton swabs, yellow dye, and a styrofoam wreath, this craft is surprisingly easy. It takes a bit of folding and cutting and assembling for the daffodil flowers, but assembling the wreath is super easy because each flower is made with the cotton swab as the middle. The cotton swabs will simply push into the Styrofoam and stay quite well. This is a surprisingly elegant looking and a kid friendly craft

Glass Bottle Vases

Another creative upcycle for your old glass bottles. The hack for this one is the paint is swirled around the insides of the bottles and allowed to dry. No scratches on the outside and they will have an awesome shine to them. Mix and match a variety of pastel colors and fill with your favorite spring flowers. If you are feeling extra creative, wrap around a few ribbons.

You don’t have to be super crafty to make your home look fresh and cute this Easter. So give these ideas a try and let us know what you think!

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