7 Skinny Habits All Lazy Girls Should Know

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If you’re a bit of a couch potato (who isn’t?), but you still wanna lose weight, then these might be some habits you’ll want to adopt. They’re some great ways to get trim, so give them a try!

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Smaller bowls and plates.

Skinny girls prefer eating their meals in smaller plates and bowls thus giving them smaller meals. It honestly is such an easy hack.

They work out for just one song.

This one is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a great way to work out hard and burn calories, but for a very limited time. Give it a try!


They binge on shows not snacks.

This is the first simple yet very life-changing habit of girls who want to be skinny. They avoid splurging on snacks while watching movies and try to avoid eating from family packs.

Dress to impress

It can be easy to wear baggy clothing when you’re at a weight you don’t like. However, a great way to motivate yourself (and see progress!) is to wear clothing that fits to your body more. 

Water is their favorite beverage.

Water is a skinny girl’s go-to! If you focus on drinking water then you’ll be avoiding the sugary drinks and extra calories. Not only will this save you from gaining a lot of weight but your skin will also naturally glow and radiate freshness.


Healthy snacking is a way of life.

Healthy snacking is a must. They don’t stock up on chips and chocolate in the house, but some veggies and fresh fruits are always present in their fridge for a quick and healthy bite to eat. This boost of nutrition and freshness is their secret to a skinny body.


One hour, one stand up!

I know how much you love to sit comfortably in your chair. However, it’s important that if you want to lose weight, you stand up at least once an hour and go do something (like getting yourself some coffee).

For all my loungers out there, add these habits of skinny girls to your routine and you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you lose weight.

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