7 More Habits of People Who Destroy Debt

Written by Grace & Silas

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Many people are under the pressure of debt these days and it seems like a loop that they might never escape. But there is hope for you!

Many of you liked my previous post, so here are 7 more habits of people who are always debt-free. Give them a try!

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Also! He has another great book called the Legacy Journey which is a great read. Check it out here!

1. Savings

People who are debt-free have always saved a portion of their income for their future. Whether it’s an emergency fund, retirement, or even saving up for a new phone.

The habit of taking out money from your paycheck goes a long way in keeping you debt-free.

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2. Sticking To A Budget

One of the essential elements of getting rid of debt is budgeting. So make a monthly budget and following it strictly. You could even track your spending and make cuts when necessary.

Add that extra money to your savings and you might have enough money for that vacation you still haven’t been able to take.

3. They Plan Ahead & Think Long Term

Whether it’s planning for a holiday or your children’s college expenses. Debt-free people do their research and understand how much money goes into their dreams and financial goals, then save.

They also realize that the money they could have spent on overpriced lunch that day will go towards their future.

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4. They Avoid Credit Cards & Use Cash

I know this might be hard for you and sometimes you just really want to buy that sweater because it’s SO cute, but you need to control yourself and only make purchases with cash.

Cash is more emotional than using credit cards—something about seeing yourself hand over money helps you do it less.

5. Enjoy Frugal Activities

Debt-free people enjoy activities that don’t cost much. They take advantage of their local parks, events, recreational activities, and search for things that are free or very cheap.

This doesn’t actually make them cheapskates, but smart since they’re making use of the resources they have available.

6. They Don’t Keep Up with the Joneses

Debt-free people are also not super materialistic. They understand their needs and distinguish them from wants which keeps them from spending on things that are not beneficial to them. They really aren’t affected by peer pressure and don’t compare their lives to somebody else.

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7. They Cook Themselves

Dining out every day is a luxury for them. Anyone who knows the value of money understands that eating out every day will cost you way more than cooking at home. So make your meals at home and save money and your health!

All these habits may seem very small but the results that you achieve will allow you to conquer bigger goals in life.


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