7 Five-Minute Lazy Girl Workouts You Can Do Anywhere (No Equipment Required)

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You may think you’re lazy but I’ve got good news – you’re not.

Perhaps you judge yourself because you always say you should exercise, get toned, or lose those extra pounds but just don‘t seem to be able to force yourself to do it consistently.

You may label yourself as lazy, but perhaps you‘re simply unmotivated. I’m sure if you were asked to do something that you truly loved, whether meet your friends for brunch or go shopping, or read, or whatever you love doing, you would actually have the energy to do it. So you’re not lazy, you just don‘t like exercising, or haven‘t built the habit of loving it yet.

So here comes a perfect solution. You don’t need to drag yourself to the gym or go running. You simply have to find 2-3 of your songs that inspire you to move, gather your willpower for 5 short minutes (everyone can do it for 5 minutes!!), and follow one of the following exercise routines.

High Intensity Full Body Workout

5-Minute, Do-Anywhere Workout

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Yes, it’s intense and you‘ll be catching your breath, but it‘s only for 5 minutes. You can do it!

Science shows that vigorous high intensity training burns calories even hours after the workout. This phenomenon is known as the after-burn effect. So when you come back to your couch, you‘ll be still burning fat. How’s that for motivation?!

Wake Up with Yoga

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Not so keen on a high intensity workout? No worries, that means today is a yoga day. You won‘t even feel that you’re exercising but yoga has been proven to have many health benefits. You‘ll improve your blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and calm the central nervous system, which will make you feel better for the rest of the day.

Lean Legs Workout

Found from Get Healthy U

The warm weather is already here and it‘s time to get those dresses, skirts, and shorts out of your closet! To feel super confident and beautiful in a leggy outfit, sculpt those legs with this short yet effective exercise combination.

Flat Abs In 5!

Found from The Live Fit Girls

This ab workout is quick but super effective. If you do it consistently, your core muscles will get very strong, which is vital not just for your six pack but also for your posture and a healthy back. If you have any lower back issues, the reason is usually the weak core muscles which puts too much pressure on your back.

Lie Down, Relax, And Work Your Inner Thighs

Found from Popsugar

On the days where you feel you truly can’t be bothered to move, this comes in handy! All you need to do is lie on a mat (or even on your bed!) and follow this easy exercise routine.


Found from The Live Fit Girls

If your arms are your weak spot but you still want to rock those sleeveless shirts and not feel self-conscious, put some effort to tone those biceps, triceps, and shoulders! This quick workout routine requires some dumbbells, but if you don’t have any, you can simply use water bottles instead.

Booty toner

Found from Skinny Ms.

You might be concerned about sculpting a strong booty to fill out your favorite pair of jeans, but the benefits of having strong gluteus maximus muscles (the muscles that shape your butt), reach far beyond the appearance. Your glutes work to stabilize the pelvis and keep integrity of movement in the hip joint. When they’re strong, your lower back doesn’t bear the burden of your motion; they also protect your knees and increase athletic performance. This workout might be a little intense but it‘s totally worth the effort!

You may not love exercise but I‘m sure you can make yourself do it for 5 minutes, even if you feel like the laziest person in the world. Remember, the couch will be waiting for you after those 5 minutes (and maybe a quick shower following it). But something will be different – you’ll feel proud and happy that you’ve done something good for yourself. And trust me, these five minute workouts will add up, and you‘ll feel lighter and fitter in as little as a couple of weeks.

Don‘t underestimate the impact a short workout such as these, particularly in the garden or anywhere where you can breathe fresh air into your lungs, will have on your mental health and the positivity of your state of mind. You will feel mentally sharper and re-energized after the workout. Don‘t procrastinate, start today.

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