7 Cold Weather Clothing Hacks That are a Must

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Snowy cold weather and being warm are completely two different things. But thankfully, you can stay warm and stylish with these clever clothing hacks. Seriously, you don’t have to look like a giant marshmallow to keep warm. You can still be stylish while also being smart about your warmth and insulation.

So, check out these tips down below, give them a try, and let us know how it goes!

Warm Your Clothes!

This may seem a little overboard, but a great way to have warm clothing is to put them in the dryer right before heading out. Super toasty!

Use Newspaper to Keep your Boots Dry

Place some newspaper in your boots to help them keep their shape and size and absorb water if they get wet.

Wear Mittens Instead of Gloves

Mittens will actually keep your hands warmer than gloves because the skin to skin contact between your fingers will keep you warmer for a longer time.

Wear Tights Under Your Pants

Layering is the key to surviving in winters and if you can fit leggings under your pants, then you’re saving yourself from a lot shivering.

Run a Dryer Sheet Over Your Hair or Hats

Before you put a beanie or a hat on, make sure to run your hair over with a dryer sheet. This will keep it from being static and giving you a bad hair day.

Keep Your Shoes Warm

Just get some wool felt sheets from any craft store and cut them in the shape of your shoes’ soles. Then line your shoes with them to keep warm!

Razors for Sweaters

Sad that your favorite sweater from last year is getting piling? Well don’t worry, just take a razor and run it over your sweater; it’ll be good as new in no time!

I really like sharing cool tips that will make your life a bit easier. And I hope these prove useful to you!

So…make your cozy ensembles even more warm with beanies and scarves and look extremely cool with useful accessorizing. Now whether you stay in or decide to leave the house in this icy cold weather, you will always be ready to rock winter with your style and hacks.

Winter can be a fun time but also pretty miserable. And I hope that these hacks make your winter a little less harsh on you this year. Stay warm!

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