66 Pin Templates for Bloggers Who Want to Get Incredible Traffic

Silas & Grace

When I first started out as a new blogger, my pin designs were BAD.

I mean, look at this!

The content idea is ok. I mean, a lot of people like Starbucks and like saving money. BUT, this pin image is seriously pitiful. It’s just a plain uninspiring image with boring text up top.

It basically says, “Nothing special to see here. Keep moving on.”

But then a few months later as my pin creation skills leveled up, I was able to make ones like this:

Side Note: My pin images have continued to level up since this. 😂 

Now this one ended up bringing in thousands of more pageviews and doing very well.

I still had a ways to go, but after three years of blogging, I’ve been able to create dozens upon dozens of pins that have brought me in MILLIONS of pageviews.

And as a blogger who’s been helping other new bloggers out for years, I’ve had people come to me for help with their pin designs.

They weren’t sure where to start or how to level up their pin images.

And while I could only give them helpful advice and guidance, there was only so much I could do. 

I couldn’t sit next to them and help them make the pin images, I could only give help over email.

And that’s just one of the reasons why I decided to make the 66 pin templates. So that new bloggers (or even more established bloggers) like you, can make great pin images that can give you INCREDIBLE pageviews.

I understand what it’s like to STRUGGLE to create good pin images. And I definitely understand how HARD it is to create pin images that get people to click through to your blog posts.

I wanted to make pin creation easier for you and less TIME CONSUMING.

We’re all busy and not all of us have graphic design skills, which is why these pin templates will make getting pageviews a lot easier.

Click here to use them today! 🙂

And one of the COOLEST things I’ve gotten out of making these pin templates are the responses I’ve gotten back from people:

Erica told me… 

Erica Jabali

Freelance Writer and Lifestyle Blogger at ISpyFabulous.com

Here are just a few of Erica’s pins that she created !


I honestly love hearing how my pin templates have helped people start to get good pageviews to their blog and how easy it’s been for them to quickly create pins.

And if you’d like to…

  • Cut back on the time you spend a week making pins,
  • More easily test out new pin styles, 
  • Not get a headache if you don’t have graphic design skills…

Then I would DEFINITELY check these templates out.

I only priced them at $9.99 so that more people would be able to afford them.

And to be honest, these pin images have the ability to pay you back the money you spent on them quickly if you’re promoting affiliate products or have ads on your site.

ALSO, I’ve included a tutorial that will give you a link to the pins while also showing you how to use PicMonkey and edit them.

SIDE NOTE: Picmonkey.com is just an online photo editing source that’s only $7.99 a month (or $72 for the yearly plan). BUT, you can start a FREE trial with them and make and save as many pin images as you want within that 7-day period.

Also, you can delete the text in the pin templates, save the layout design of the pins to your computer, then upload them onto a free photo editing source like Canva.com, and add text to the pins there.

However, I would recommend sticking with PicMonkey since they’re the #1 photo editing source I’d recommend and I’ve loved being with them since I was a new blogger myself.

It really is simple!

So click here and start using them for your blog today!

Here are just a few examples of the pin images you can use and change the images, colors, text (and so much more) to your preference:

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