6 Life Changing Freezer Hacks Anyone with a Kitchen Needs

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We open up the fridge all day looking for snacks or ingredients to make a meal. But the freezer gets opened maybe…. a couple times in a week? Unless it’s summer, then that’s a whole different story. The freezer ends up getting over stuffed because a lot of things don’t get used, and many messes are just allowed to harden and be cleaned up 3 months later (who am I kidding, not even then).

And that’s why I decided to to a post on freezer hacks. Awesome ways to keep your freezer clean and hassle free as well as organized. So feel free to check out these awesome tips and tricks done by great bloggers and let me know what you think!

Fridge Shelf Liners


Found from A Bull Full of Lemons: See Source Below

Yes, they’re fridge liners, but they work just as well on freezer shelves. These will definitely save you from a headache when you find that a spilled mystery sauce has frozen onto the liner, not the shelf.

Wrap in Freeze Paper and Label


Found from Organization Junkie: See Source Below

To make sure everything gets used, wrap items well in freeze paper and label when it was bought and frozen so it can make its way out of the freezer at some point soon.

Use Shelving to Create Extra Space


Found from Organization Junkie: See Source Below

If you don’t want to pile everything on top of each other like a packrat, then think about shelving that will help keep things organized.

Reusable Shopping Bags


Found from If You Do Stuff: See Source Below

Remember all of those reusable shopping bags you always forgot in the car? You know, those times where you ended up using plastic bags anyway? Well now they actually have a use! You can use them to store different food categories like meats and frozen produce.

Bin Storage


Found from Time with Thea: See Source Below

Now if you like storage bin organization, then check out the link to the tutorial below in how to make these awesome and decorative bins that will save you space in your freezer.

Vacuum-Seal Everything


Found from Good Housekeeping: See Source Below

Now if you REALLY want to be organized, try vacuum-sealing everything to keep it fresh and organized. It definitely takes up way less space.

Yes, I know this post is only six tips long, but to be honest, I get kind of overwhelmed when reading a post with 50 or even 20 hacks. So that’s why I like to keep it short and simple most times.

Now if you have any freezer hacks yourself, let em know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!


Fridge Shelf Liners: A Bull Full of Lemons

Wrap in Freeze Paper and Label: Organization Junkie

Use Shelving to Create Extra Space: Organization Junkie

Reusable Shopping Bags: If You Do Stuff

Bin Storage: Time with TheaLink removed; connection to site not secure.

Vacuum-Seal Everything: Good Housekeeping

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  1. Great tips. I had a little trouble looking into the links of where to get the supples after each of the hacks. They just didn’t work. Otherwise great ideas.


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