12 Easy Dinner Recipes that Are Perfect for that Day When You’ve Been a Bit Too Busy

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It’s Wednesday night. You just came home, you’re tired, you’ve been busy, and you kind of deserve to relax after all of that running around you did. 

I mean, it’s hard to be productive, but you were, and now I think you should probably sit down and enjoy a super easy dinner in.

I mean, yes, you could order delivery or grab something on the way home, but there’s something that feels SO good about having a home-cooked meal. And I’m not saying, you have to be healthy this time. It’s ok to sometimes grab a bowl of pasta and watch your favorite show. You’re not a bad person for it. 

So take one of these recipes and save it for that night when you don’t feel like standing on your feet for another 40 minutes. You’ll enjoy it, I promise. 🙂

15-Minute Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce

You know that pasta I was talking about above. This is it. It’s creamy, it’s probably tangy and cheesy, and it’s calling your name for an easy dinner night.

15-Minute Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce Recipe

Click here to quickly get some penne pasta for this recipe. 🙂

Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style

Ok, so I know it’s probably tempting to get some takeout, but how about instead, try quickly making your own Chinese recipe? How comforting would this be to just grab a bowl of this (along with some rice) and just relax for the rest of the evening?

Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style Recipe

Gluten-Free Ramen (Quick & Easy!)

I am the QUEEN of making super easy and flavorful ramen bowls. They’re so quick to make which kind of makes them the perfect lazy meal.

Gluten-Free Ramen (Quick & Easy!) Recipe

Rotisserie Chicken Tacos

YES. I love tacos and this looks so flavorful and good! Also, rotisserie chicken? That sounds like the perfect main ingredient for a taco.

Rotisserie Chicken Tacos Recipe

Easy Dijon Chicken Thighs

I feel like chicken thighs cook super fast which makes them the perfect I-don’t-have-time-to-cook-tonight meal. 

Easy Dijon Chicken Thighs Recipe

20-Minute Sweet and Spicy Noodles

If you’re craving noodles, then in 20 minutes, you can have a bowl of this right in front of you. Done. Waiting for you to dive in. 

20-Minute Sweet and Spicy Noodles Recipe

The Best, Easy Salmon Sushi Bake

Ok, hear me out. I saw this once on TikTok and I couldn’t forget it. It looks super good and flavorful and there’s no sushi-making intimidation… you just bake it.

The Best, Easy Salmon Sushi Bake Recipe

Quick & Easy Gouda Mac And Cheese

YES. One of the best easy meals you can have. Like it’s mac n cheese. It’s childhood comfort in a bowl, and it’s calling your name tonight.

Quick & Easy Gouda Mac And Cheese Recipe

One Pot Creamy Sausage Pasta

Sausage and pasta; I feel like this is a great easy dinner recipe to try for a cold evening. It looks like really good comfort food and I think you need this in your meal plan soon.

One Pot Creamy Sausage Pasta Recipe

Ranch Sheet Pan Chicken And Veggies Dinner

Baking sheet recipes are kind of the perfect way to ensure you’re having actually good food, but also aren’t standing on your feet for another half hour. Because who has time for that?

Ranch Sheet Pan Chicken And Veggies Dinner Recipe

The Best Vegan Bolognese

I honestly don’t think you have to be vegan to actually enjoy this. I mean it’s meatless which means less cooking, plus it’s pasta. Pretty simple, but delicious right?

The Best Vegan Bolognese Recipe

Creamy Paprika Chicken

Creaminess paired with colorful paprika and chicken sounds like a great option for an easy comforting dinner. I think I’d eat this and be done in around 3 minutes.

Creamy Paprika Chicken Recipe

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